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I'm Back

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Sorry it has been awhile since i have been on here. How was you all's Christmas? Getting ready for the new year?

I wanted to say thanks to everyone on TCS for helping my family threw some hard times this past few months. You all have been great and I know i can always count on TCS members to be there when you need them the most THANKS.

Christmas went better than I could of ever hoped Insurance paid for the damage of lost toys for the kids and some of our family helped out also so the Boys had a Christmas they will never forget. So when things seem like they are at there worst just remember they can only get better. Seemed like when i was about to give up things just seemed to work them selfs out and became better with time. It was the best thing to get up Christmas morning and our oldest son who is 4 says santa didnt forget him and with that big grin on his face he says can we open them please please please. Was the best feeling in the world. My little on who is 2 just wanted to keep all the bows and boxes was too cute. Little Kera kitty had a blast bouncing threw the wrapping paper all balled up on the floor while Howler just sat back and took a nap. I think that cat could sleep threw anything.

I had my Birthday on the 26 too. Just turned 25 this year How time passes, Didnt have a party or anything was nice just woke up and my hubby had the sweetest card ready for me and made me a cup of coffee and read the card aloud was beautiful. My 2 little ones made me gifts my 2 year old little boy made me a wooden circle with some tape stuck on it how cute lol and my 4 year old wraped my up a cup then asked me if i could wake up now and make him some Choc milk daddy just dont make it right hahahaha that was adorable.

Hope you all have a great new year
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welcome back!!!!
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Oh Kristy, I am so glad that everything worked out for Christmas! It sounds like you guys had a great one.

Happy Belated Birthday, your Birthday sounded so sweet, too. And you got some precious gifts from your boys that you will be able to cherish a lifetime.

Im glad that things turned around after the accident and things are looking up.
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Welcome back. Glad to hear things are improving.
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welcome back!! I am so glad to hear things are looking up for you and your family.
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Thank you all HUGSSSS
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Great to have you back, I've been wondering how you're doing

I haven't been on much lately, so missed your xmas dramas, I'll have to go back and see what happened - it doesn't sound good!

Glad your christmas and birthday went well, hope you have a great new years as well
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Welcome back!
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Hi! It is good to have you back!
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Thank you all for the warm welcomes back. It is great to be back. Missed all the wonderful epople and adorable kitties and all the goodtimes here on TCS. HUGSSSS
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