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Kitten weight

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Well, the kittens are both doing ok.

The runny poop seems to have stopped in both of them, seems to be only very occasional when they get excited.

After speaking to the foster co-ordinator she suggested as they need to go in on tuesday for worming and vaccinations keep an eye on them and if needed take them in beforehand.

Well, they seem happy as larry still, playing and such.

I'm not sure what weight they were when we picked them up, she hasn't given me this info or asked me to weigh them regularly.

However, they're not approx 6 weeks old, one of them is around 420 grams...which is.14.81 ounces. He seems really skinny but she said it was a huge litter so there'd be a runt in the litter. Does anyone know what weight a 6 week old cat should be??
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I think a 6 week old should be around 540 grams. The weight would be relevent to how healthy the mum was, litter size etc.
As long as they're gaining weight, I think you'd be okay.
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When our cat had 8 kittens, at 6 weeks, the two smallest weighed 14 and 11 ounces, and they turned out perfectly healthy. I think that large litters have smaller birthweight babies, and it takes probably until 3 - 6 months to even out. Like Missymotus said, just be sure there is a weight gain over time.
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I had monitored my kittens weight closely. At 6 weeks old, my healthier litter weighed around 13 to 18 oz. My smallest (Runt) weighed maybe 9 or 10 oz at 6 weeks if he was lucky and yet he continues to push a long with the rest. It really just depends on the mama and how many kittens and how much they were at birth.

As long as they continue to put on weight every day, they should be fine.
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