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Eye discharge

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I got my kitten for Christmas and he's an absoloute joy! Used the litter box perfectly, eats heaps plays etc etc. However, since I got him I've noticed some discharge coming out his eyes, first one and now both. It's not enough to completely close the eye but worries me! It's white, but not clear. He also has a little, and I mean a little, discharge from his nose.
I've been cleaning his eyes twice a day with a cotton bud soaked in warm water.
Any other suggestions about how to clear it up? Is it something I should be worried about?
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Awhh how is Buttons otherwise ??
If its white in colour then the vet should really check him over.
Keep us posted and good luck.
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Have you noticed any sneezing? Sounds like he might have a little cold or an upper respiratory infection. I'd get him checked out by the vet soon. Otherwise, you're doing the right things by keeping him cleaned up. Also, you might want to run a humidifier or vaporizer to help him if his nose is a little stuffy.

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