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Problems with Spayed Kitten

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Our 6 month old kitten was spayed 10 days ago. Everything has been fine until yesterday when we noticed that she squealed when picked up (not normal behaviour for her).

It was only last night when I noticed that her wound where her stitches are is swollen and very tender. She is sitting funny, as if the area hurts when she's sat a certain way.

She is still eating normally, but is calmer and looks unhappy, and sqeals when picked up (so we are avoiding doing this).

I will call the vet at 9am but I just wondered if anyone can help as I'm getting very anxious and worried about her.

I'm guessing it's some sort of infection but my mind is getting carried away with all sorts...
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Welcome to TCS, it is a shame you posted when no one was online. I hope that the vet is able to see your kitten and that it is nothing too serious. Occasional post-op infections happen and can usually be treated with antibiotics.
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Thanks for the reply Jenny.

We took Loki to the emergency vet and it turned out to be a Seroma, which is not serious but quite rare after a spaying. It meant that the lump was full of clear/red fluid which he had to syringe out. Then he gave her some painkillers and antibiotics.

She was in a lot of pain when he was lancing it, it was really upsetting to watch the vet put a syringe into her and I've never seen her so distressed.

Hopefully it should settle now, and worse case scenario is that they will have to put a drain on it if it flares up again.

Panic over for now!!
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So glad you acted quickly! Sounds like your baby was really in a lot of pain. Make sure you follow up with your regular vet as soon as the holidays are over, just so he'll have all the info from the emergency vet. Hope your little one's on the mend soon!!

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Update on Loki's Seroma.

We took her back to the vet today. The seroma has come back, it covers less area but is more prounounced and is walnut sized. Surprisingly my Littleton doesn't seem to be in as much pain (she is still running round like a lunatic and purring in my ears in the morning!).

However, the vet thinks the seroma may have been caused by a Hernia deeper inside her, where the first layer of stitches are. So on Thursday she has to go back under anesthetic so they can re-open her wound and check it out.

I'm really worried about her and what's wrong with her. She is such a little character and become such a huge part of our lives that I worry about her and love her so much.

Fingers crossed for my little Loki-Coki.
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Aw, your poor little girl! That does sound like a very rare unfortunate complication, but you've acted quickly and I'm sure they can fix it! Get well soon to your kitten from mine!
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