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Well for the last past 2 nights my mom has made me go on petfinder and the local shelter sites for another kittie...She really misses Willie and no one has seen him there were 2 false phone calls and such so for a few nights I have been showing her pictures of this older kittie that is 6 at the humane society near us and she is gorgeous so my mom has been having me look with her on petfinder and such, and so far there are four that she really likes and I am going to if I have to help her buy the kittie (she came up short last month so I am paying for stormies spay and she got the shots, and she is just short 35$) So now there is also this one she Loves at the Animal rescue league were we got Willie and well its a little expenive but like I said I would pay some of it, aint I a wonderful daughter , but theres these other 2 online that she also likes so now its major thinking for her, and these places really dont tell you much about the aniaml and she wants them all to get along! We have 2 labs and they love kitties and well 3 cats now her major concern is the dogs and she really cant take them to the shelter because they would be freaked out seeing how they came from there and such, but the 2 on petfinder are from private rescuers and they would take them back if it didnt work out for any reason!!! I just dont have a heart to do that or my mom! So any advice on how to go about it?? Please help..sorry if I put it in the wrong thread!! I also emailed another lady with a kitten that was on our craiglist that needs a home ASAP because the owner is moving !! And well I have a feeling my dad nos wats going on because we were sitting there when she said theres four she likes and she says no , we always do it in secretcy!!!!