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My dog has a small wound nothing serious

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I just noticed that one of my dogs,Sydney, has a small wound right behind her nose. Nothing serious at all, looks like a half a dime sized area of skin missing. She might have had a small tiff with one of the other dogs, no puncture wound or anything, just missing skin/fur. Anyways what can I use to clean it, I dont want it getting worse. Its really minor but I'd still like to clean it so it doesnt get infected.

Hydrogen peroxide ok?would it hurt her?
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is it an open wound? if it is just a scratch, I would leave it alone. It will heal by its self. I don't know what you should use, I know more about dogs than I do cats, actually. I guess it's just because I have had dogs all my life and still do! 4 mutts to be exact.
I have only had Miagi a few years and Tiger going on 2 years.. and it seems like I'd have had them forever! anyways.. if it is a open wound and not like a scratch, I would call your vet and ask them what you could use.. I am not sure if hydrogen peroxide would be dangerous or not. what breed(s) are your dogs? Just curious. I hope it heals up quickly!
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Its not an open wound, more of a scratch.I'll just leave it be then, thank you!

I have 5 dogs, a lab, a border collie mix,a boxer/pit mix,a labradoodle and a golden/lab mix. They all sleep in a dog pile on the couch together, its so cute.I love them!
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Couldnt resist posting a pic of them...
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EEK!!!! What a gorgeous bunch of lovin' babies you have! Oh I LOVE them!! I just gotta have that many dogs one day - in Australia you can only have two maximum in most areas.

I have two Labradoodles and my guy Chester looks just like yours. Aren't they the MOST wonderful, beautiful dog in the world? I've never come across another dog like a Labradoodle for personality, and I'm a trainer so I see a LOT of doggies!!

Your dogs are SO beautiful I love, love, LOVE them!

I couldn't resist either - here's a pic of my Chester-Man at 7 months old. Cuteness alert!!
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