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Innova EVO on sensitive tummy?

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Duke has been eating Innova EVO for a little over three weeks now. He was eating Purina Naturals previously. Initially it was OK, but this past week he's been having loose stools. Nothing discolored or smelly (as far a poo goes anyway ) and his behaivor and activity level have not changed in any other way. I called the vet, and they told me it was very likely the switch in his diet. This has gone on for about five days now. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Yes loose stools is the NUMBER 1 reason for folks to switch off of EVO ... You may want to look into something like Nutro , regular innova , solid gold as they are high quality without the richness
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Will he ever get used to it? Is there anything that will 'counter' the richness? I really want to keep him on it because the ingredients seem to be the best as far as I can tell, but I don't want him to suffer through the loose stools for much longer either.
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I tried for a month .. mixing with another and just gave up then further readings and learning convinced me a high protein high fat dry ISNT what I want for my kitty or doggy .... I say mix for 2 or three weeks then try strait agin if no improvement try a new food... NO FOOD works for ALL
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Yeah, I'll give it a try mixing back to what he was eating before. Not to be lazy, but do you still have any links/sorces for the info on the high protein/fat diet? I'm gonna do a search on it too, but I'm just surprised that I didn't come across it already. Thanks again!
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umm me is a bit tired ... but I will look a few up ( new puter so i dont have all my favorites yet...

these are raw sites but info is good




I gave up on the dry when I realized the ASh is way too high as is the cal phos and magnesium for many kitties ( some do exceptional ) ... I currently am doing raw homeade canned not all at the same meal but off an oriental medicine chart based on the animals "issues"
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