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Question about show rules

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Do you have to provide some kind of health certificate to show your cat? Are the health requirements for all cats the same or is it any different for the HHP class? What vaccinations are required, if any?

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I'm wondering the same thing... especially for the ACFA. The show rules are a little vague. Should I bring some certificate of shots?
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In the US, its very rare to need health certificate/vet inspection at shows. The only time I needed it was a non-sactioned show (not any association) and it was strickly household pets.

They do state that your cats should be up to date on shots, but never ask to see proof. If someone suspects your cats are sick, then you will be asked to leave and take ALL your cats with you. I've only seen that happen once or twice in all the years I've shown.

Now over in England, etc. they DO require a vet inspection and probably shot records at their shows.
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I just got a response from the show manager of an upcoming show in January. He said no certificates are necessary, but if a cat bites someone bad enough to need stiches, a rabies certificate would be good to have.
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Over here, almost all shows are vetrinary inspected and you are required to bring your vaccination cards with you irrespective of ped or HHP. In any repect and IMO, it's always a good idea to bring your vax cards for all of your cats when registering anyway, in case something untoward happens!
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