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Cosmo's a Freak

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LOL, well he is!

He is SO different than Comere was... who was just a big old affectionate mush all the time. Cosmo is a ball of energy. He LOVES to play... OMG.

This was his second Christmas with us.

Well, he's taken to this new habit. When he wants attention and we are in the bedroom watching TV he runs down the hall and jumps, as high as he can, and tried to "climb" the walls. No kidding. My door moldings (which are all painted darker colors) now have long cat scratch marks on them. LOL.

Luckily, I'm not a decorating fanatic and can take the damage in stride, but I'm worried about the behavior. I can NEVER catch him actually doing it because the minute I'm up off the bed he's bulting in the opposite direction down the hall. I try not to "reward" him by giving in (and playing with him at that moment since it's what he wants)... but I really don't know what to do. I've been "ignoring" it for well over a month now and that doesn't help either.

Any suggestions?

Here's the freak:

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Can you hang something on a small pin or nail (like an old sheet or towel) that would fall when he jumps on it and hangs on? Sounds kinda mean, I know, but that's how Smoochie finally quit climbing the curtains to sleep in the swag- inadvertent, but it only took a couple of times . Maybe it would break his habit, and you wouldn't have to be there to catch him doing it.

Smoochie also used to climb the tall bedpost to try to catch the ceiling fan ! She got tired of us freaking out and yelling her name while running to snatch her off the bedpost, and finally quit . Nuts sometimes, aren't they?
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Hmmm, if ignoring him doesn't work then I'm not sure. Usually if I ignore Trout, it works
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Thanks... hanging a towel or something might do it. I'll have to see what I can rig up that will be safe. I wouldn't want to do it with a tack because with my luck it'll fly off and I'll be the one to step on it LOL. Could probably do it with tape though
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