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Can Anyone Offer Me Any Suggestions Please?

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Hello. I am having a very big problem with my one cat. I will explain the story first. I had a cat, his name is Simon. He is a Siamese cat. I bought him back in 1991. He is now 11 years old. In 1999 I was going through a divorce and my ex husband wanted to keep Simon, actually he refused to let me take him with me. So I told my ex husband to please keep up with Simon going to the Vets yearly for his shots and to get his teeth cleaned once a year. Well, he never did any of that and this February 2002, my ex husband called me and asked if I wanted Simon. He said that if I did not take him then he was going to take him to the SPCA. So, of course I agreed right away to take him.

Now, the thing is I already have a cat and a dog. So when I agreed to take Simon that would mean I would have 2 cats and a dog. I did get Simon back. When I got him he was only 6 pounds and I took him to the Vets and got him all caught up on his shots and started feeding him the right food. He is now almost 10 pounds ;o)

Anyway, a few weeks after I got him back ... he started urinating and spraying in the house. He would spray on the walls and he would urinate on my bed and on me while I am in bed sleeping, in wash baskets, on beds that I would buy him to sleep in, on the carpet, on my basement sofa. I took Simon to the Vets about this problem. It ended up he had a bad Urinary Tract Infection. So we got medicine to clear that up. All seemed fine for a few weeks, then it started again. I called the Vet again, took Simon back in and they tested him again to see if he had a Urinary Tract Infection. It came back fine. So the Vet suggested that I put Simon on "ELAVIL" 10 MG's a day. So I started giving Simon one of those pills a day. All seemed fine again for awhile ... although he would still urinate like once every few weeks, which I though was better than everyday. I figured I would just start stocking up on the Natures Miracle to get the urine smell out of everything.

Well, he started doing it a lot more lately. I figured I would get his teeth cleaned and thought maybe since he hasn't had his teeth cleaned in a few years that maybe they were bothering him. So I called my Vet, made an appointment to get Simons teeth cleaned. They told me that since he was 11 years old that he needed blood work done before they could clean his teeth. So I got the blood work done and the Vet called me the next day and told me that Simon has Kidney Disease. He said it is in the early stages. So he is now on the Prescription Diet K/D food. I did end up getting his teeth cleaned last week. When I picked Simon up from getting his teeth cleaned I had told the Vet that Simon has been urinating everywhere again. I asked the Vet if maybe we could try some other medicine and I saw on a website about this medicine called: "BUSPIRONE". I asked the Vet if we could try that and told him I had seen that on websites that I have been looking at about cats urinating outside of their box and peopls say it works. Well, my Vet said that they don't like to prescribe that medicine. So he gave me something else called: "CYPROHEPTADINE" 4MG's. I am to give him one half tablet .... 2 times a day. So I have been doing that Since last Thursday. I thought it was working until last night I was going to bed and laid in my bed and it was wet, I smelled it and it was of course cat urine. Thank goodness when Simon first starting Urinating I bought a plastic cover for my mattress!!

My problem here is ... I am running out of things to do. The cats litter box is ALWAYS clean. I have that litter box that cleans itself 10 minutes after a cat has left it because it has a sensor on it. So the litter box is always clean. I have spent about $800.00 on Simon since February of this year and I am running out of things to do. I also bought that "Feliway" and have sprayed that around the house and that seems to have NOT phased him at all. I am renting the house I am in and so I cannot have it smell like cat urine. I have gone through gallons and gallons of Natures Miracle and have also been buying Anti-Icky-Poo which helps get the smell out only it cost $18.00 for a liter bottle of it. I do NOT want to get rid of Simon but I really do not know what else to do. I don't know what else to try. I can't continue to have him urinate all over everything in my house. Could you PLEASE, PLEASE PEASE offer me any suggestions??? I would GREATLY appreciate ANY help you could give me. Thank you so much for your time and have a great day!!


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Hi Tiffany and welcome to TCS!

I moved your question to the proper forum so it will get the attention it deserves.
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Perhaps you can find some help following this link. Just scroll down till you get to the "K's" It would be a shame for you to re-home this cat in his advancing age. The person (if you could find one who would take him) might not go the extra mile for him like you are.

Good luck!

Health links
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My first thought is that Simon is a little unhappy about the new surroundings. How is he getting along with the other cat and the dog? If he's upset, he could be doing it to express his feelings. One thing you can try is putting him in a room of his own for ahwile. It may give him some personal space.
One thing about the meds. I am not really familiar with the drug he prescribed. If he dispensed the medication out of the office he made money on it. Buspirone is a prescripton he would have to write and you take it to a regular pharmacy.
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Please go to this link and read the entire thread. It has numerous suggestions for curing inappropriate peeing and spraying.

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