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Julio scared still after 4 months

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Greetings!! I have rescued a kitten who was left with a box of siblings who were luckily rescued by animal control and little Julio was not so lucky and showed up at my g/f's sweetie's garage 4 days after the others were rescued by animal control. I am estimating his age at that time to be about 4 weeks old. This little self starter was alone and moved himself 4 blocks away from the others and was terrified. A very nice man tried very hard to adopt him for 4 days and his g/f called me and I went immediately to pick him up. (I did a little detective work and found out about the siblings and they found a new momma immediately who accepted them). My detective work was a couple of weeks after I took Julio home. Noticing the poor cats terror.

He is a peach seal point siamese who is now estimated to be 5 months old. He had lots of trust issues, and we do think that he was in an abusive household. He is very scared of any noises or anyone who is not a member of our household. People show up unexpectedly and this poor boy literally tries to crawl the walls to get away from anyone, and of course cries. We do live on a farm and have 4 other cats --which we have limited just Sammy to coming in and playing with him. Sammy is a very gentle soul who this kitten just beats constantly when they play. Sammy even though a year old allows this kitten to carry out his "raids of terror" on him. We have been hoping that Sammy could calm him down and Sammy does sleep with him and play with him, but even Sammy wants back outside after he wears him out.

The first two weeks he was very shy in the house towards any of us. He would eventually come sit on us but would not allow us to pet him. He has grown to letting us pet him and he does come and cuddle with us now. He is a wonderful cat with a bit of a mean streak but he has been neutered and his personality is improving. He at first was very "food driven" , we have overcome that hurdle.

I am concerned of his nervousness around others. We often have people drop by unexpectedly and are unable to put him in the carrier prior to their arrival. I put him in his carrier in a quiet place when company is there but when unexpected arrivals show up he is unconsolable.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make him feel more secure with unexpected company?

We love this little guy, but I need some guidance. We know he trusts all of us
After friends dropped over the other night without warning, I spent two hours with him on my lap soothing him and he finally relaxed.

Thanks so much!!
SDBlondie and G-ma cat (Patches) Sylvester, Hooligan, Sammy and Julio (our nervous baby!)
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I think it just will take a lot more time and patience. Then again, he may always be a very shy kitty. Abuse at a young age can last a lifetime!
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It definitely sounds like you are making progress! I agree, it will just take time and love. Is there any way when you have unexpected visitors that you could ask them to wait outside or just by the door until you can get her into her carrier or a safe room? Eventually, she will realize that strangers aren't going to hurt her...that as long as you are there she is safe, but again it will take time.

Poor sweetie...sounds like she had a rough beginning. Good luck, and keep us posted.
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Yes, time and patience is the answer. He may carry these fears well into his adulthood, but with your kindness, love and patience, he very well may come around. Bless you for taking this little one in.
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I would just give it time. He trusts you, and that's great. But it will take him some time to trust the rest of the world.

My Cindy, who was a shelter kitty and I think from an abused home originally, would hide under the bed when people came over. Then she started just staying upstairs on the bed. It's now a year since we adopted her. A few weeks ago when we had someone over, she actually came downstairs and jumped up on the couch (with said visitor sitting on the couch). If she hadn't reached over to pet her, I think Cindy would have curled up there.
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Another recommendation for time, patience, and love. It's very good that he trusts you and can play with Sammy. That's marvelous!

When Callie first came to live with me, she ran everytime there was a noise. Very, very gradually, she got to where she wouldn't run and hide, but rather darted under the coffee table. Now she pretty much doesn't care as long as you're not making too much noise, she'll come and visit!

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Thanks for all your encouragement --I have rescued several kittens and cats but never had one so young, and so terrified.

I have also found something that has helped, which I didn't mention. It is very inconvienent for our household but has made him feel very safe. He has a favorite chair hidden away in the corner of the kitchen. I brought it to the middle of the kitchen and even though we all have to walk around it...it seems to be a very secure place for him and while he sits there he can watch all the food fixings and goings in and out without having to move. Of course I used the chair without him being there to sit at the counter and all of a sudden I was getting "nose pushed" on my back to get out. He continued until I got up, and then curled up and promptly went to sleep. So he does know he belongs.

I do have concerns for dear Sammy. He takes quite a beating from the kitten and his neck right now has several little scabs from the biting that Julio does. Sammy is about 12-13 pounds, and Julio about 3 or 4 and Sammy walks by and Julio jumps on his back like a bull rider and hangs on for dear life.
He is so gentle with him and lets him play--but he has never shown any bad temper at all, but if he would, I'm afraid Julio will think it is still playing. I hope he will not lose his temper with Julio.

Thanks for all your enouragement. I appreciate every response. Blessings to all the meow lovers!

G-ma cat - Patches, Sylvester, Hooligan, Sammy & Julio
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I was wondering if you can permanently keep the carrier accessable to Julio, but out of site in the main room where your visitors come. That way he can go in himself and feel secure when people show up. Like maybe put it behind a shelf, sofa or other piece of furniture?

My Paris is very shy of strangers and will hide as soon as someone she doesn't know enters the house. She's never been abused a day in her life, her shyness was developed over time. But she has a couple "safe" places where she feels secure when there are guests, and I've learned not to go there when she's hiding or she'll never use the spot again.

Sammy sounds like a sweetheart, but if you are seeing bite marks from Julio it's probably because he's teething his little needle-sharp baby teeth. You might try giving him something tasty and hard to chew on. I'm not sure what's safe for cats, as my kittens went all out on my cell phone during that period. I would think Sammy would do something to stop him when he got to the point where he was actually piercing his skin. As the larger cat, Sammy's reaction would teach Julio not to bite so hard. That's what the mother does when she raises her kittens. Because he lost his family so early he missed out on that lesson.
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