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Angel is crossing the Bridge

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My friends cat Angel is crossing the bridge.

We just got back from the vet, he did surgery to see about her liver, and he said it was all yellow, he doesn't know why it happened but he told them he didn't think it would ever function again. He was gonna send a piece of her liver off to see if they could find out excatly what was wrong.

They are already decided if this was the news they were gonna recieve not to even wake her up from the surgery.

They are gonna go back tomorrow and get Angel to carry her to Jackson to have her creamated.

Susan and Wayne are just heartbroken.

Angel was 13 years old and had always been well taken care of. She had never been outside.
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Oh my condolences to Susan, Wayne and you. You are healthy now Angel. Rest in Peace.
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Oh Belinda, I am so sorry to hear this.... I know you are so sad for them, ya'll are such close friends.

Give them both a hug from me and Dave.
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Oh I'm so sorry for your Friends loss, there is nothing anyone can really say, just knowing that she's not suffering and will be well again over the Bridge is nice to know. Please tell your Friends they are in my Thoughts & Prayers...RIP Sweet Little Angel and watch over Your Mom & Dad for there Heart is very sad at the loss of you.
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Oh, very sorry headbuts and sad, tearful licks from KittenKiya's Clan. It hurts so much when we lose a friend and loving companion.
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Thank you for posting in the Bridge for you friend.
It is never easy to let go.
RIP precious Angel.
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Oh the poor things

Heres the candle to help Angel cross over the Bridge, but all the other cats will be there at the other end to meet her and take her to her new home

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I am so sorry - you and your friends did all you could for Angel.
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Oh I am sorry, these times are never, ever easy. Your friends will have some lovely memories of Angel and in time those memories will make everyone smile again Do tell them we are thinking of them.

RIP Little one, run & play with your new fur-family, the love from below will always be there
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My deepest condolences to your friends. Wishing a swift and peaceful crossing for dear little Angel.
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Thanks everyone, I am gonna show this to Susan when she feels like she is ready to look at it.

I have already told her that I did this, and she told me that it made her feel a little better.
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I'm so sorry for your friends' loss of precious Angel. I'm sure she was a very special kitty, and had a wonderful life of 13 years with your friends. I know it must be very hard, but Angel is no longer in pain now, which is comforting in itself
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Oh Belinda, I am so sorry to hear this.... I know you are so sad for them, ya'll are such close friends.

Give them both a hug from me and Dave.
Yes I am Neet, I know how their hearts are breaking right now. Susas was there for me when we lost Sambo, so I wanna do whatever I can for her.
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My condolences to you, and your friends.

Rest in peace Angel. Enjoy your time - and perfect health - at Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm sorry for your loss Susan. RIP sweet Angel.
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I'm so sorry that your friends lost their beloved Angel. My thoughts and prayers are with them. RIP sweet kitty.
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Condolonces and best wishes to your friends during this difficult time. May they find comfort in knowing that Angel had a good, long life in a loving home and that by allowing her to pass over the Bridge they showed her the last greatest act of love that they could for her.

Rest in peace and play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, Angel.

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So sorry to hear of Angel's passing. Your friends will be devasted now, but in time will have many happy memories to make them smile. And I'm sure they will be feeling your support at this difficult time.

RIP Sweet Angel
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Condolences to Susan and Wayne on their sad loss of Angel. They showed true courage and bravery in loving her enough to let her go, without suffering.
KittyKaren kindly shared with me this website for those who have lost a beloved : There are so many touching tributes - each so special.
Bless you for being a good friend to them during this difficult time.
Hugs and prayers for you all Susan
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