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Sadie was spayed today

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Sadie was spayed today and seems to be doing pretty good considering what she's been through. She acts like she's hungry, but the vet said she had to wait until after midnight. She hasn't eaten anything since 8:30 last night. Would it be horrible if we gave her a tiny bit of wet food, so she gets liquids and nutrients? Also, she hated the cone thing, we took it off because she was freaking out with it on, and we were worried she would hurt herself. She hasn't bothered the stiches at all, doesn't even seem interested in them. Any advice? Thanks so much, we are new here.
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Hi and welcome to you and Sadie

My little girl Sydney was spayed 2 months ago also.

How is Sadie doing right now?, is she out of the sedative?

If she's walking around normally, I would say a small amount of food would be ok.

My kitten didn't wear the e-collar but she didn't pull at her stitches, just keep a very close eye on her to make sure she doesn't develop an interest.
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she seemed really groggy at first and layed under the bed resting, we left the bedroom door open and she must have heard a can open and she came out (thinking it was food for her I'm sure) she went right to where her food usually is. She seemed to be getting rambunctious, playing with a sweatshirt drawstring, then she attempted to jump up to her usual spot on the rocking chair. She's resting again. I think when she wakes up again, we'll try to give her some food.
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Welcome to TCS.
My little girl kitty is named Sadie too.

When she had surgery some time back...
she had to wear one of those horrible e-collars.
I cut it down so that it was not so awkward.
The link below will take you to a picture of her wearing her collar.
Other kitties pictures are there too.

I think that a tiny amount of food might be OK but watch her closely.
She probably needs to wear her collar so that she does not rip her sutures....

Keep us updated about how your little Sadie is doing.
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How's your Sadie today? Has she started eating yet? She might even continue to sleep a lot more than normal today.

I've never had to use an e-collar with either of my girls' spays. If she starts licking at her incision, just put the top part of a sock around her middle. Make sure it's not too tight or too loose.

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