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We want pictures! We want pictures! :laughing2
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Hey Deb I got all these names now LOL do you want me to send them to you or have you got enough with the book you got??? just let me know if you need any help.
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Debra, for us Aussies, please, please, please call one Vegemite!
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Okay here they are!!! Sorry Deb, I didn't see you had sent these last night!!!

Okay, these are Deb's 7 little wonders!!!
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Okay, this one is my favorite!!!!
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In the ghetto play pen!
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Uh Oh....I see "Bait" on her back in front of the teddy bear and "Tackle" on top of the teddy bear - gettin' ready to tackle little Bait.... LOL!!

:tounge2: :tounge2:

By the way, that's not a Ghetto Playpen..it's a very practical, disposable cat corral ...LOL....won't be long and they'll be swinging from the curtains—if they're not doing it already!! LOL! Woooooo

What a sweet bunch of wittle kids!!!
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They are so cute!!!! Here I go again, falling in love with every kitty on the site. Deb, you are very lucky to have these little ones with you. Is Goldie taking up Mommy duties with you?
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By the way Deb....I love your German Shepherd! It looks so much like my Sheena! What is it's name?? I want to get another one! But, that may have to wait if I don't go back to work..they do eat alot!
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There's Vegemite standing up on her hind legs!
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Oh my! Are you trying to make us jealous? Well, it worked! They are so precious.
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Waaaaaaa I want to cuddle them........ The 2 on the teddy look so like Amy. *Sigh*

They are gorgeous, they look so happy and well looked after. Great job Mum.

LOL Kumbulu! Yeah Vegimite!!! :tounge2:

Thanks for doing the pictures debby

We want more!!! We want more!!!
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You guys are too much! THANK YOU all for your kind words of encouragement! Vegamite will certainly be a middle name While my son is home tonight we will take individual pics and send them on to Aunti Debby in Iowa! And Debby Thank you from the bottom of my hert for posting these for me.

Goldie is helping with bathing and kitty kisses some, but she is a little leary if she thinks I am watching!

The play pen looks terrible I know and they can ALL get out! Swinging from the curtains here we come.....weeeeeeeeee
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Deb, the kittens are just TOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! How can you do this to me!!!! Now I need to get another baby!!!!! Oh my goodness I've got to have one!! (or 3!!) They aer just so adorable, and as Jeanie said, you have suceeded in making us VERY VERY jealous!!! BAD DEB!!!!!!!! :LOL:
And the playpen is great!! Kitts love a bit of "rough n tumble" anyway!!! Looks fab to me love!!! That pic of the kitties with your dog is fantastic.... kittens have no fear do they?? Good job your doggy is so good tempered!!!
to ALL of them!! (including Doggy)
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Oh I know they must be SOOOO much work, but they are SO CUTE!!!! I'm a little late in catching up, but the candy names are such a great idea.

Can't wait for more pics. *Sigh* So jealous of all the cuteness, not so jealous of all the work. LOL!!! :tounge2:
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With the feeding frenzies, I feel like I am in the movie Jaws
Debby, I forgot to tell you that the dog's name is Sheba. She came from a shelter in Vermont called Second Chance. She is VERY good with all the cats - so much so, that sometimes I think she IS a cat.....
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