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I have never spent that kind of $$ on a haircut before...I could never justify that- i'd much rather get a reasonably priced hair cut, and put the rest of my $$ in savings. / The most i've ever spent is probably $60-70 or something like that give or take a few bucks. That was for updo's and to get my eyebrows done. I don't dye my hair so that cuts out some cost for me. I LOVE my natural hair color though so for me, i'm happy the way it is! Also- I donate my hair every so often to Locks of Love (it's currently pretty long so i can donate again soon)...you have to keep it pretty healthy and long....and not fry it too much with makeovers and dying it...so that it's healthy enough to donate. / I'd much rather help people with cancer and other illnesses by donating my hair, than spend a large amount of money on myself when I don't need to do that. I take care of my hair- and it looks great- but i don't need to spend a ton for it to look pretty for me personally
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
My hair is fairly long and SOOOOO thick, and I always want it really thinned out and layered to get rid of the bulk
I just have to say to you and your lovely thick hair! (I'm just jealous).

The most I've spent is $160 CDN on cut & colour at a trendy Toronto salon. I was pleased the first time I went. Second time was an apalling cut, and I just can't justify spending the money to colour my hair.

$800 would go on furniture or a plane ticket somewhere!
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