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Expensive haircuts

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I have this friend who has a lot of money, and recently he has been trying to get me to go to this salon in Beverly Hills to get a complete hair makeover. This is the same place Nicole Richie and other movie stars go too. When I asked him how much it would cost he told me $800, I about fainted! He told me it was worth it and I would come out of there looking like a completly differnt person, he said its totatlly worth the money. But I just can not justify spending that much money on my hair.

So im just curious what is the most money anyone here has spent on their hair? I'd have to say $180, which was for a cut and color and highlights.

Would anyone here ever spend $800 on their hairdo? Im not going to do it, just curious what others do or would do.
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I think the most I have spent was $200 Canadian, and that was a cut and colour on my very long hair
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Never would I spend that much on a hair cut.
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I think I've spent....$210, I believe it was, to get a cut, style and two colors of highlights.

Now that I'm paying my own bills without mommy and daddy's help, I usually spend about $50-60 on a cut, because that's about as cheap as they come on the north side of Chicago. No way would I spend $800 on a haircut. You know, I like nice things and I like to spoil myself with designer/fancy things from time to time (and see nothing wrong with that!), but for something temporary like a hairstyle....no way. I could spay and neuter a lot of ferals with that money.
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The most I've spent is probably $70...I would never spend $800. IMO your only paying that much because its a salon that stars go to. There is no reason why another hair stylist couldn't do the same thing.
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$800!!!!! Is that even possible?
I think the most I've spent was like $30. My hair is straight and kinda long. I go to the cheapy places cause I figure there's not much they can do to screw it up and if they do screw it up - there's plenty left for them to straighten out their mess.
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Well...$800 is a large sum of money for most, and in the end, you're still YOU. I couldn't fathom spending that much!
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Wow. The hairdresser we go to is someone we've been going to since we were kids (so in a way we're like family friends). Since we've been going to her for so long, we get a 10% discount, so that's only $20 Canadian at every visit. Granted I don't think any of us have gone for more drastic things (just the usual trim or cut; we tend to use the store-bought color treatments and stuff)
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For $800 I would want to look EXACTLY like a movie star - permanently!!!!

There's no way I'd spend that much on a complete hair makeover even if I was rolling in cash!

I think the most I've spent on my hair is about AUD$150. I generally get just a trim and that's about USD$50-60 which I think is expensive. And I have to get a double length appointment because my hair's so thick
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No way. I've probably spent about $130, which includes a cut/style and highlights/lowlights. I'd much rather spend that much money on something permanent, such as furniture.
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I wish I had $800 to do something like that!!

The most I've spent is $100 and that was for THE WORST haircut/highlight/color ever. I go to my lady back home and I can get a cut/eye brow wax/highlight/color/style for $50.00, and thats including her tip!
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OMG! mine is £80 each time, thats for a colour and cut, and i find that really expensive
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$800.00!!!! Never, not unless it came with shares in the company!!!! LOL

I think the most I have ever paid for just a cut was $60.00 and that was done by the owner of a very "famous" salon in Winnipeg and the fact that Edward had won a number of awards. Plus they served me wine and cheese while I was waiting for my appointment. TBH the cut looked no different than a cut I had by someone else costing $25.00! Although their "wash" portion was more like a spa treatment with a scalp massage along with the wash, so I enjoyed that! I think I fell asleep actually, hehe

The most I have ever paid at a salon for my hair in one visit was $125.00. That was a perm, wash, colour, cut and style.

I don't bother with perms now and I colour my own hair now too, so my visitis now cost be about $20.00 or $25.00 for a wash, cut and style.
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I would pay $800.00 for a hair cut from a high end professional. I've been a hair model in the past and I know that you really do get an amazing cut and color from a super high end salon. It is almost life changing.
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I have spent 250 for cut highlights and blow dry. my hair looked great for one day.

Now I color it red myself and cut it into a simple bob. Don't see a difference to warrant spending that much money again.

I am saving the money for more Laser treatments and microdermabrasion now.
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That is a ridiculous amount of Money, My youngest daugter spends about $200 for Color and Cut the girl does a beautiful job, but there is no way I would spend that much, I am an EX Hair Dresser so I color my own and I have cut my own, I don't cut my own anymore and even if I could afford to pay that amout I don't think I would.
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I once went to a fancy hair stylist in Beverly Hills, and I think I paid about $200 for a cut only. As I recall it ended up being too short, and it didn't grow out into anything special.

I haven't had a hair cut in 5 or 6 years now, but if I did, I'd go to Super Cuts, baby. They can do just as good of a job, and for a fraction of the cost.
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I typically spend $60 for my haircut...I've had the worse luck with the cheap-o hair salons around here.

I think the most I spent though was $100...for lo-lights a few years ago. It wound up not coming out right, so she redid my whole head for free. The color was very awesome (IMO, but 1/2 the people liked it the other half didn't).

Anyways, if I were EVER to spend $800 for a complete makeover, they better come to my house EVERY DAY for the following 2 weeks to make sure it gets styled properly.
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I have to say, I recently got a much need hair cut, and much needed style. It was great! The girl listened to me, and helped me decide a style I could work with. I have never been happier! Guess where I got it done.........Wal-Mart! It was my first time going and I have to say, I was a little nervous, and felt like a snob for being nervous but I recently lost my job and didn't really have a whole lot of money. It just goes to show, it doesn't matter how much your spend or where you go, it depends on the person you go to! I WILL be going back to see her again when I need a trim.

I did splurge April of 2005, on my honeymoon in Las Vegas, I got a haircut at the salon in our hotel. Cost $125 and looked great!

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If I were rich, I'd do it once to treat myself... but then there's the problem of keeping it up.

In reality, no... I would feel guilty spending that much money on my hair. I sort of understand, I often have fantasies of living the high life, but man... my conscience would definitely get to me!
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Gosh! I think the most I've ever paid was $40, and that was for an up-do for my hair when it was really long. A typical cut is about $30. No high-lighing and what not.

I might spluge once in my lifetime, but not quite $800 worth of splurging!
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If I had the money just laying around, I would probably do it.

I think the most I've spent is around $200 Canadian on a cut, colour, blow dry straight.
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If I had that kind of money in my "disposable' funds and thought I needed a makeover, I'd go for it! It is hard for me to imagine ever being that rich though...maybe if I won the lottery.

I really like the woman who cuts my hair now, even followed her to her new salon. Highlights and a cut cost me $85.00 - $120.00 depending on whether I just need the roots done.
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I want hair extensions, not to make my hair longer.. I like the length but i want my hair to be thicker!
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I personally wouldn't spend more than $100 for a hair cut, BUT you are talking about a complete hair makeover... That could include a perm or straightening, color or highlights, weaves, head and neck massage, deep conditioning, etc. in addition to a hair cut.

For $800, you are paying for the name of the salon as well as the professionals doing your hair. Don't forget that the tips will increase the price. If you love your hair after, the upkeep will probably cost less, and you will want to go back to the same salon.

Once, I saw a woman go into a high-end salon and all she asked was that they keep the length of her hair. The stylist cut her hair very short, with long strands left long around the circumference her head... she hated it! I'd want the stylists to explain the plan before they start, or better yet go in first for a consulation.

Post pics! Before and after!

Cheers, from
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The most I've ever spent is around $60 for a hair cut. I don't really dye or do highlights so I save money on all that. But wow $800! I couldn't imagine spending that much. Even if I had plenty of money I don't think it would be worth it. I'm happy with my look, there are so many better causes that you could use the money for than your hair.
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I spend about $125 (w/o tip) for cut, color, hi/low lights and eyebrow wax.
I should pose this to my stylist as the salon owner sends him to London (its an Aveda salon) to learn new things.
For $800 I would spent that on something else too.
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I think the most I ever spent was about 85 and that was with tip and included color ( and highlights ) cut shampoo and style ///

I am going to try the beauty school for my next cut ... shampoo cut and dry $8 .... I color my own hair
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OMG. I went to a new hairdresser last night. The last one I'd been to twice and not been happy either time (don't ask me why I went back a second time...).

They did like a 20 minute hair wash and head massage and an awesome cut - exactly what I asked for! My hair is fairly long and SOOOOO thick, and I always want it really thinned out and layered to get rid of the bulk (it really needs a lot of cutting each time). The previous person never got that and I would keep saying "no, I want it MORE thinned out!!".

This girl understood, chopped heaps out, layered it so it looks great, and actually took off the 2 inches I've been trying to get chopped off for ages! I'm sooooo happy with how it turned out! I swear I weigh 3 kilos less

And how much for the cut? $30!!!!!!! I thought to myself "If it's under $50, I'll give her a good tip" (I hate tipping hairdressers). So I was very pleased and she got a $10 tip, and she seemed quite pleased with that!

I'm sooooo going back there again!
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The most I've ever spent on a haircut would be 10 dollars. Hair isn't that important to me. I am a male, so that's just my nature. Also, I'd say I spend about 20 dollars on haircuts in a whole year. I tend to keep my hair quite long.
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