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What a great update!!!! Biggie
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Oh, that's wonderful news.
I'm so happy that he's doing better.
Now the little man just has to put on some weight.
Come on sweet boy, start eating lots of good food and put on those pounds so you can go home and so that you can stay happy and healthy home with your family for a very long time.
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good boy Biggie!! you just keep fighting
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I just wanted to share something with you all that Ruth-Ann sent to me:

I have to tell you that the TCS site brought tears to our eyes this evening - we could feel the joy for Biggie. Incredible people Colleen! I thank God for you finding & joining this most wonderful site!

Ruth-Ann and her busband, Terry, have been overwhelmed with the support that they have received from all of you for Biggie and Tara-Lynn! This truly is the best site in the world! Hugs to everyone!
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I just caught up with this thread! You all should give yourselves a round of applause TCS board magic is at it again I am so glad Biggie is doing better Now Biggie, you have to live up to your name and get some pounds on asap

MANY MANY MANY vibes for Biggie {{{ }}} Tara-Lynn, and the family!
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Colleen I struggled all day to write the email I send earlier - its harder it seems when you see the words. This email is even more difficult to write.
As I pushed the send button for your email, the phone rang and it was Fiona - Biggie has taken a turn for the worse and he will be put to sleep at 6pm tonight. I will be leaving shortly but I wanted to let you know - for I know your thoughts will be with Biggie.

I just read this on my email - sorry, I have to sign off now. First Nakita and now Biggie - it's too much!
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oh Colleen, I am soooo sorry to read this. Bless all of them and you.
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Colleen, I am so sorry about Biggie Poor little guy May he rest in peace
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Oh I did not want to see this, Sweet Biggie, rest in peace you sweet boy Colleen, Bless your heart and that of your wonderful friends, Biggie's family I am so very sorry.
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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear the news about Biggie.
Poor sweet boy, he fought so hard to get well.
I'll keep Ruth-Ann, her family and you in my prayers.
I'll say a special prayer for Biggie, rest in peace sweet boy.
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sweet darling Biggie - you put on a good fight. Rest well now darling boy, enjoy the rainbow bridge and keep an eye on those that love you so much

with the deepest respest for Biggie & his family I will close this thread. His tribute in the RB can be found here
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