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come on Biggie - stay strong
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Renewed prayers and vibes for Biggie and Tara-Lynn.
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Here's Ruth-Ann's latest news:

Biggie was given a shot of steroids this morning. Its his last chance.

Missy is walking better however she has a lot of pain in her finger joints. She is still on massive doses of anti-inflammatory.

Your friends on the cat site are wonderful people.

Tara-Lynn's nickname is Missy. Your support has meant a great deal to her and her family. Please keep sending those get well vibes!
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Continued prayers and vibes coming. Oh come on Bigglesworth

Tara-Lynn I will keep you in prayers! Keep getting better!
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Please get better Mr. Bigglesworth, I am sending prayers from Mississippi your way
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Still sending prayers and vibes for Mr Bigglesworth and Tara-Lynn.
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I just caught up with this thread. Many good {{{healing vibes}}} for Biggie. Get well sweetie! Your meowmy loves you. And {{{healing vibes}}} for Tara-Lynn also.
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This was sent yesterday to me by Ruth-Ann:

You can't imagine how much that means to all of us - as I said earlier the cat site group is simply amazing.

I was thinking yesterday how you have gone through all of the things that I'm going through now - husband surgery (David much worse of course) and now our precious cats.

Missy started having a great deal of pain in her toes and fingers yesterday - I'll be calling the specialist tomorrow but not a lot can be done until she sees the other specialist. She wanted to go back to Toronto yesterday because it was her 22nd birthday and she wanted to see her friends and boyfriend. We drove her up although it was against our better judgment especially with the pain spreading and getting worse. She wanted to go so bad but Terry will be going to get her tomorrow or next as he's off this week. She sang "Mary Did You Know?" for me at Christmas Eve Mass - not a dry eye in the place by the time she was finished...

The vet will call us in the morning to let us know about Biggie. I want to be with him if and when he has to be put asleep. Fiona feels almost as bad as we do - she is a wonderful Doctor. As you know its like losing one of our children...

She sent an email this am, but it was to tell me she's gone home from work and taken tomorrow off as well so that she can be with Biggie.

Sorry I haven't put this up sooner - just signed onto the computer and pulled my email. I've been sick in bed since last night with a gastro bug - further manifestation of my cold - so haven't strayed very far from bed or bathroom.
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{{{vibes}}} and prayers that Biggie pulls through. Hope Missy continues to make progress as well.
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I just found this thread, my thoughts and prayers are with Missy and Biggie
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Oh Bless all their hearts, Sweet Mr. Biggie
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Further update - they finally know what's wrong with Biggie! He has a lesion on his brain:

Biggie was able to walk a little bit this evening! They now know that he has a lesion on his brain and that's why the walking problems...its the part of the brain that controls his back end...its only because he is so strong that he is able to hold his back end up. He has lost so much weight its so pitiful. The steroids will be out of his body tonight and she gave him a antibiotic that is especially for the brain... but she doesn't hold a lot of hope. It will take a day or two before we know if it will work. But as long as there is little bit of hope we can't put him down yet - we must try. She explained the procedure used for putting him asleep. At least I was able to cuddle him today - he is not in pain but you can tell by his eyes just how sick he is. I explained to the Dr the wonderful things happening with the cat website, she smiled and I could tell she was very touched.

The fact that he's still with us means that all of your prayers are working! Please continue to send vibes - Biggie's is a strong boy and if anyone can pull through, with everyone's help, he can!
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Oh Biggie We're pulling for you, baby. Huge vibes and prayers for Biggie, Missy, Ruth-Ann and you, too
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Glad to hear there's still hope for Biggie, so renewed vibes and prayers are on their way. I hope this is the turning point for him toward healing. And of course prayers and vibes for Missy, too, that the specialist is able to help her.

What an ordeal for your friend and her family.
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Biggie is feeling better today! Your vibes and prayers are working! Here's the latest:

Please, please ask your cat site friends to continue their thoughts, vibes and prayers for Biggie!! He looks sooo much better today! He is walking better he even ran to me this morning!!! The Vet is very clear that he is not anywhere near out of danger but we sure have hope after seeing him today!! I only wish I could find the right words to properly thank all of the wonderful people from the site - you will never know how much it means to the whole family!! It is obvious that they are responsible for working a miracle of sorts...

I asked for and have the rest of the week off and I'm so grateful just in case he takes a turn for the worse..

TCS magic is working! Continue to send vibes for Biggie - they are working! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
The fact that he's still with us means that all of your prayers are working! Please continue to send vibes - Biggie's is a strong boy and if anyone can pull through, with everyone's help, he can!
we will not stop sending our love and vibes Biggies way

Keep being strong little man - a whole world of cat lovers are right behind you & your family
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Lots of love and hugs from us.
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Oh what hopeful news for Biggie Continued vibes and prayers
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I'm so happy to hear that he's doing better.
How happy it must have made her when Biggie ran to her.
I'll continue to keep him in my prayers.
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Yes, she's pretty happy right now. He's not out of the woods yet, but things are definitely looking up thanks to TCS magic!
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Here's the latest:

I'll know more at 11:30 when I go see him...I go at that time because I can spend a whole hour with him when the Dr's are gone from 12-1pm. Fiona is such a great Dr she spends much time with me and Biggie. I will keep you posted.

Tara-Lynn has so much pain in her fingers and toes still - she is on pain medicine and the anti-inflammatory. They are trying to get an emergency appointment with the Rymatoligest (spelling??) but he says it will still be a long time because of the shortage of those Dr's. I told him we will take her to the fastest appointment, regardless of the location.

I have printed off all of Biggies and Missy's get well prayers and wishes from TCS and will continue to do so until they are finished. I can't tell you how much they mean to all of us here!!! Regardless of the outcome, these wonderful pages will be kept in a special book. When I see Biggie I tell him about all of the good wishes and repeat some of the things that are written ie "stay strong little man".

Should have an update after Ruth-Ann visits him this morning. Keep getting better, Biggie!
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Just doing a morning checkin, and adding some new vibes and prayers for the day. Looking forward to an update later on. Hang in there Biggie -- you can do it!

Hope Missy gets that appointment soooooooooon. What an ordeal for her and her family.
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Heres hoping and praying missy get her appt. soon!

Biggie, we are still all here pulling for you baby boy!

Colleen, how are you feeling? Any better?
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Biggie and Missy........SENDING STRONG GET WELL VIBES from my family to yours!
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Biggie, we are sending prayers, purrs and headbutts, to you, you sweet handsome boy, Hang in there and be strong.
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I'll sure keep praying, that Tara-Lynn gets her appointment very soon, that they find out whats wrong and that they can help her so she's not in pain any more and that sweet Biggie gets stronger and stronger everyday so that he can come home and be with the family that loves him and the family that he loves!
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{{{vibes}}} for them both!
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Biggie is even better today:


How amazing is this!! Thank God! The vet still cautions that he can take a turn at any time...but for now we will take what we have! He will be kept in the hospital for another 7-10 days. He is still losing weight which of course is a concern, so lets keep those thoughts, prayers and vibes going that he will start gaining weight and then maybe he can come home!!!

Yippee! Biggie is doing better! Keep getting better, Biggie! Your family needs you strong and well enough to come home!
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Yayyyy Biggie!!! That's great news. Sending out mega prayers and {{{{{Let's put those pounds back on Biggie vibes}}}}}
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And we'll just keep bombarding Heaven!
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