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I think I have a teenager and he is only 8 months old!! He is just amazing..... My precious adorable sweet little kitten of an angle has become a.....rebelious monster who talks back (literally with Meooows every second) when he fails to get or go where he wants to! He must be downstairs unless supervised upstairs. I am always downstairs (We have a 2-story house). He has everything down here.
Litter box...food/water....bed....toys...his expensive cat play tree he hardly touches. I have a baby gate up and he is constantly pawing at it...meowing....trying to get upstairs. Theres nothing exciting up there anyhow! I say "Roper stop...Roper....Meow! NO Roper....Roper Eh! Roper Mieieieie Rooppeerr...Noooo... Mewwww Come here..... Meeooow Mew Meow?."

He also has gotten this devilish gleam in his eyes nowadays! I dont know how but he sure did.

The only ounce of cutie roper I get now is in the mornings when he comes to wake me up. He runs, jumps up on my bed...meows and licks me. And when I come home..he rubs up against me. Then off he goes to destroy everything in sight!

Some times it gets really bad. When he gets P.O'd off he will even hiss at me...naudy naudy

Then off he goes to our 12 year old cat Simba....he proceeds to aggravate and then dominate the old one.

I'm guessing this is the adolesence period if cats have one? Around 8 months? He must be learning what he can and cant do and seeing who he can push around and also if he can get what he wants by doing it. Ahh cant I just have my little 1 pounder I found at the Gas Station back? LOL Those were good times. When he actually appreciated what I did for him! Hes spoiled and he knows it. He always gets a new toy everytime I go out shopping and I spent 75 dollars on him for Xmas. Hes loved...unconditionally. Even if he is a little tyrant!

So what comes next after this stage?
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Roper is adorable!
And quite a normal kitty too. Just don't forget to remind him you are his human alpha or he'll really walk all over you.
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Sounds like a typical crazy teenage kitten! I hope he has been neutered so that his crazy behavior doesn't turn into aggression and spraying and he remains a happy healthy cat and you remain a happy owner
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Ahh thats something I need to get done! I planned on getting him fixed around 4 - 6 months of age but I had a falling out with my current vet. We had major differences in opnions. Also I felt he was inadaquet to attend to Roper and that not only was he incompetent but Roper would have to spend the night at the Clinic the day he got neutered to recover under supervision...Of which I was unsatisfied with concerning the fact his facilities were....filthy.

I seriously need to find a new vet...I'm in the middle of searching but the next thing I have to get done is his neuter which is a pretty big step with a vet you just switched to. For me anyway. He's my baby.
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Jen: I just called my Aunt who had her dog spayed recently and I asked her about her vet. I'm going to call them and ask them a few questions in a couple days. If all goes well I think I will go ahead and get him neutered next week.
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LOL - the teenage rebellious period, eh? I'm so glad to get thru that period with them!! It can start as early as 6 months and I've seen it go to about 18 months, earlier if you are lucky.

Then they take about a year off and just are playful little love bugs for a while.

At about 2-1/2 to 3, they settle into their adult hood. If you have another cat, that is the age when they start having domination issues.

Once you get past 3, its usually smooth sailing until they hit geriatric age, then you simply could have health issues.

Stumpy at age 10 months: I would waggle my finger at him if he did something wrong and he would grab my finger and bite it. Did I say that they fail to listen to you at that age?
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oooooooooooo kitty adolescence is much more fun than human. I didn't get back talk but what a look she gives me.
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