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On this day.....

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I would like to take a minute and remember all those pets who lost their human caregivers one year ago. So many displaced, and not being able to understand what happened. I pray that they have all been rehomed to loving arms.........
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Debra, That was so thoughtful. We know how frightened we are when we can't find a beloved pet. Sometimes we forget that they love us and can't understand why we don't come home when they "expect" us. I too hope they found people to love them.
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Thanks for posting that.
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Yes Debra, thank you for remembering all those poor orphaned animals. I hope they have all gone on to new caring homes too.
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I remember seeing a poem after the 9/11 attacks about what happened at the Rainbow Bridge that day. The keeper of the Bridge called all the puppies and kitties who didn't have a person to wait for together and told them that there had been a great tragedy in the human world and there were a great many people who also didn't have anyone waiting for them coming. Of course, the little kittens and puppies who had never known human love and companionship ran to the end of the Bridge to give their love to all the people coming in who were confused and scared. The little ones understood being scared and confused and loved these people just because.

Gosh, it only took me 4 tries to finish this post without bawling here at work. I would look for the poem, but I can't do it right now.
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Oh Heidi....... (thank you)
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Heidi, That's a beautiful thought. Thanks for telling us about it. If you find the poem, we'd like to see it.
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Here's a link to the poem. It is a little different than I remember, I must have filled in the kitties on my own. It still made me cry, though.

Get the tissues ready.... Welcome at the Bridge
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