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Voice changes in male cat

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Hello all, recently I've noticed my male (Little Man) cat's voice change. Those of you who are old enough, remember that infamous Brady Bunch episode where Peter hits puberty and his voice changes while recording a song? Anyway, I thought of that when I noticed Little Man's meow is different. He's 2 years old, neutered last year and is fairly petite for a male. He's always had a very high pitched meow and very vocal. Last couple days I noticed he's not quite as vocal and his meow is deeper, and even "breaks up" a little. We just went to the vet a couple months ago, and all was good. His personality and normal behavior haven't changed. Is my Little Man becoming a Big Man? I've never had a male kitty, only females, so I don't know what is normal. Thanks for any advice!

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I remember that Brady Bunch episode.

I've never heard of voice changes for male kitty puberty. I'd call the vet and see what they say.
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