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The Nutcracker!!!

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I am so excited! I just got tickets given to me from one of our chief estimators to see the nutcracker tonight!!! I think Jazzy will be so excited! She loves the Barbie Nutcracker movie, so we'll see how she does with her 1st experience of the Philadelphia ballet company! These are great seats too, they are first row balcony seats! ($70 each ticket?!) So, it'll be a night on the town for the two of us girls!!!
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How fun! I best your daughter will love it! Enjoy it!!
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I hope so! I worry though, she is only 9, and I know when my DH took me to see Cats, I was thankful we were in the back, this way no one could see him sleeping! Hopefully she will be at full attention! (I'll have to give her a nudge with the elbow if she starts to nod out! )
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going to the Nutcracker every year with my Grandma is one of my fondest memories and i started going a lot younger than 9. I think Jazzy will love it!
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Thanks Katie! I truly hope so! I loved it at 9, but I saw it in NYC....I lived on Long Island, so the city was a quick train ride to get to... Jazzy is just a different child than I was, she's so mature in some area's and in others I swear I'm dealing with a toddler! I am excited though, I can't wait to get her dressed up in a new outfit and shoes!
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We used to go with our Girl Scout troop every year when I was a kid, I still remember the days!

Yes I was a Girl Scout. I still have the badges to prove it. They do NOT take them back when you "fall off the cookie wagon" later in life.
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I saw it with the girl scouts too! I was #1 cookie seller several years in a row! I even won the top cookie selling prize, a hot pink BMX challenger bike! It was way cool when I was little! (still love the tagalongs.... put the box right in the freezer...)
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Congrats!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it!

I love the Nutcracker! It's been the Holiday ballet for several years. However, starting this year they retired it and now put on a "Peter Pan" performance. What "Peter Pan" has to do with Christmas is beyond me.
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Ooooooooooh!! Have fun
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Oh what fun!!!! How did it go???
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