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Charlie Update :)

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I took a few pictures this morning - have to recharge the camera batteries, so I'm not finished with the pics. That darn kitten will NOT stay still - I almost got a picture this morning of him and Keno (the dog). Will keep trying today and post pictures tomorrow.

He's exploring the hall, bathroom and dining room/living room so far (under supervision). Keno wants to play but Charlie is still hesitant when Keno "pounces"

Ling is curious but more/less ignoring him. She stays in the family room or downstairs right now when Charlie's out. After the tree comes down this weekend, we will expand Charlie's area to include the family room. He's not curious enough to cross to the kitchen/family room yet
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Don't you know not to post about a new kitten unless you have pics? I'm glad to hear he's safe and home... can't wait to see him!
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I'm so happy for you GK! Glad to hear Charlie is acclimating himself to his new home and keeping you on your toes!

Looking forward to pics.
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Ok pictures tomorrow - have to sort thru them and pick out the best (alone and with Keno, our lab)
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GK, what manner of furry family is Ling?
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Charlie - ocicat
Ling - mixed breed cat
Keno - labrador

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Ahh, is she a long hair or a short hair? What color? Pattern? Pics???

Sorry, don't mean to steal Charlies thunder. I just haven't heard much about Ling.

I love Labs too. Their my second favorite dog breed. I'll always be a German Shepherd fan first though!
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Looking forward to pics, he's so adorable.

I'm trying to get a nice group shot of my sisters 2 dogs and new lab puppy. Not an easy job, so I can sympathise
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Ling's our "magic" kitty (last of the barn cat litters). She was born a blue tabby/white (all the kittens were blue tabby/white) to a calico mom, Kelly. At about 1 month old all the kittens started showing as pointed cats - blue points with blue tabby markings on the body (solid points). At 2 months old they all changed to seal points with blue tabby bodies.

And then again at 3-4 months old they completely changed to black/white cats! Genetically this is impossible as blue is a dilute of black. No one has come up with a logical explanation to these color changes.
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Wow they sound like an amazing litter. Can you post pics of Ling sometime and more of Charlie?

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Yes, I actually got a few shots of Ling and Charlie in the same picture! Yesterday was the first day Ling "played" chase with Charlie (and vice versa), so I managed to get a few shots of them.

So in the next batch of pics (will download them today) I will post all the critters

Be on the lookout for Charlie - Part 2 pictures

I'll have to also post one of the earlier pictures of Ling's littermates where is shows them to be pointed (all the kittens were exactly the same, so this is what Ling looked like as a kitten about 2 months old)
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Thank you!
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