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Muddy just enchanted our new vet

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Gotta love my little Mud-bug!! I brought him up for his annual exam. He and his sister serenade me in the car the entire ride. We get in the exam room and I decide to have Muddy seen first so I take him out of the carrier and fling him up on my shoulder. He gets squirmy so I put him on the table.

The vet walks in (she hadn't seen Muddy before), and he walks up to her, stands on his hind legs and places his front paws on her shoulder, then gives her cheek a big ol' head butt. She can't examine him this way so she puts him back on the table where he commenced to purring (happy not fearful purring) the entire exam. He then gets his 3 injections while standing in the middle of the table, purring and not being held at all. He didn't even flinch. We even turn his body this way and that so she could do it in 3 different places.

The vet was actually giggling at him. The only problem is that its sometimes hard to hear their heartbeat when they are purring so loud, and she did have to push him away when he became overly affection with her.

Makes a vet happy when they see a cat that has no fear of them and is actually happy to see them. My Muddy is the love-bug!!

Sister Koko wasn't scared, just squirmy, as she always is at home when you try to constrain her. She justs wants to play.
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Aww Muddy! What a sweet kitty to make friends with the vet!!
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What a sweet kitty!
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A real charmer, that fellow!
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Awwwww Muddy you big, strong, sweet baby! I bet Muddy got a smiley face on his file!
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That must have been a nice change for the vet, Tolly hid his head under my coat the whole time he was in there.
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Muddy and Koko were orphaned at 10 days old and Steve & I bottle fed them (with 2 more brothers that were adopted out). They have no fear of humans at all. Muddy in fact prefers to hang out with people over other cats. I wasn't surprised by his reaction to her, and am very proud of my little bug.
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My Radar is like that - there we were having his stitches out after his hernia operation - Nate is holding Radar up under the arms so that his belly is exposed, the vet is snipping and pulling out stitches - and Radar is licking the vets face She had to push his face away so she could see what she was doing
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Muddy is a funny cat!
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Muddy, you're a suck-up!
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Awww! That's sweet!

Chynna likes the vet too. Of course she likes anyone who lavishes attention and affection on her and she will purr and kiss their noses to show her appreciation, LOL
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Aw, that is great news!! What a sweety!!
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