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Mine came down 2 days ago because i'm going to Gils today for a few days and i didn't want to come home and start bringing it down
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12th night for me! I wouldn't get to see it much if I didn't leave it up til then anyway as I didn't put it up until a week before xmas then was away for a few days. Mosi is showing more and more interest in it though and has started to copy Jaffa with the chewing thing but I think it will last a few more days.
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I just took our tree down yesterday Cats had fun playing in it a few extra days
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Ours only went up December 24th, and will come down on or before January 6th.
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Mine comes out the day after Christmas.I always have a real tree and where its put up is near the wood stove. So by then its more then ready to come down.
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My DH took ours down today. Sydney was detroying it
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Originally Posted by squirtle View Post
I took mine down Christmas night...
As did I. Actually I think it was around 4-5pm Christmas day when I took it down. Between the kids and animals I was so ready for it to go down.

I have never heard any superstitions about taking it down to early. All that stuff is a bunch of hooey anyways IMO.
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I've been out of town since Wed... what do you think We just got back tonight. / Haha, i'll probably take it down this week. I would do it tomorrow- but i have to work 11-6......so no time.
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