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Is it too long?

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I am visiting my parents for the Holidays, my boyfriend was staying home with the cats but at the last minute left for a vacation on the 25th. We have two cats, they've been left alone before when we went away this year for ten days over vacation but we had our friend check in on them every other day or so. We have an automatic feeder and automatic water thing. This time my friend wasn't around, my boyfriend left on the 25th and I will be coming home on the 30th (tomorrow actually). I hadn't been too worried because technically its only four days that they are alone. but I woke up today worried out of my mind because I imagined my cats all alone with no one there.

does anyone think it is okay that they are alone? I'm going to be back tomorrow around 10pm, should I call a friend to check on them today or do you all think it will be fine? (we have a key hidden so I could have someone come and get it and check on them).

what is the longest any of you guys have left your cats alone??
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I aways have someone check on Abby every day when we are gone. If you are worried about them, it is worth it to make the call to have someone check on them.
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Without someone coming in to check, feed/water, etc. I've left them from Friday morning to Sunday nite - as in showing cats - the ones not shown are sitting at home with extra bowls of water/food.

They were fine - just had a lot of litter boxes to clean when I returned

IMO 4 days with no one to check is a bit risky. I hope they are ok. As long as your bf left them with extra water/food, they should be ok. Next time you should arrange someone to come in once or twice a day if over 2-3 days.
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I wouldn't leave mine alone any longer then 2- 3 days. Usually I have someone come in and check them every day or every other day. In the summer I have someone come every day.
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The longest we've ever left our cats was overnight without someone coming in to check on them.

With someone coming in twice a day we've left them for 10 days.
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