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Oh Dan Cedar come home now, we are all worried sick
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I'm still praying for Cedar safe return.

I'm sorry you are going through this.
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Wow, I'm just now reading this. I am sending all the vibes I can for a safe return for Cedar and for Jazzy as well, poor baby girl
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Bedtime vibes for Cedy and Jazzy -- and MUM!
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Cedar - come home today, sweetie, ok? Meowmy wants and needs you home!
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Cedar baby, please, please come home! All of my prayers and energy are for your little boy, Dan. He will come home. I can hardly wait for the moment you see him and hold him in your arms
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I had to get out of bed to check on you Dan....
I am holding Cedar in my heart.
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I'm Still praying For Cedars safe return.

I just remembered something I heard... I don't know if it will work.
Danielle,I heard that if you can Imagine a long gold thread connecting you with Cedar and concentrate on slowly pulling Cedar back to you.......
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awe I hope he comes home I know how u feel our Willie has been missing since december 11 so hold on tight and keep believing that he will be home soon safe and sound, I am having nothing but good vibed for you and I am keeping my fingers crossed
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Originally Posted by furryferals View Post
Danielle,I heard that if you can Imagine a long gold thread connecting you with Cedar and concentrate on slowly pulling Cedar back to you.......
thats just beautiful. I most certainly will do that! thankyou.

well I put the food over at the neighbours and went back and checked about 10 minutes later and it was all eaten so of course my heart lept a bit so I started calling and calling for Cedar. I heard a meow and I thought 'bingo'... then a growl and I knew that growl wasnt coming from my boy. The darn neighbours cat must of stuck in when I first went in there searching for Cedar and then I locked him in when I left.
I have since removed Misty and locked the place tight. I checked on it not long a go and no food has been eaten. Unfortunatly I dont think Cedar is in there

I guess elimination isnt a bad thing though (trying to stay positive here!)

and yes we do have KFC here but I cant put any types of food like that outside as it will just attrack the possums.

its 6.30pm and nightfall is in about 2 hours. I think its going to be another night without him home

I have cancelled all my plans for tonight. I was originally having 2 girlfriends come over for drinks and they would stay the night but I have cancelled that and will stay home by myself. Although I feel all alone, and I really do feel it even though I have you all with me every step, I just couldnt face a 'celebration' tonight and honestly I will spend most of the night outside anyway. And now that Jasmine has this darn fever again we will probably have a hard night with her as well. Its only fair to my girlfriends that I cancelled.

I am so glad Chris will be home tomorrow. I just cant bare any of this anymore

come home Cedy, gosh I love you so much I dont want to loose hope so please come home!
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I spent the night willing and willing fpr Cedar to return home to you I sent him messages from us all that he will be greeted by so many hugs, he wouldn't believe and a world sighing in relief!

Continued }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way and my heart continues to call Cedy for you

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Oh Danielle what a way to start the new year

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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
Oh Danielle what a way to start the new year

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Its starting to get dark so the fireworks wont be far away Infact a couple of doors down have already done some (about 2 hours ago) and I screamed at them that its not even dark yet and to give me a few more hours

I believe its now a waiting game. I can not look anymore than what I have. Alot of people are away for the weekend so I have to believe he is hiding or locked in somewhere. I have to HOPE that he will get hungry or brave enough to come out of hiding. I am really REALLY trying hard to believe that and now I am focusing all my energies on willing Cedar to come home and for me to have the ability to wait without this destroying me.

I have just come back from scaling a neighbours fence and going into their garage too look. I know I know this is trespassing but they are away (well I think they are) and the garage looked unlocked. You gotta do what you gotta do right?
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It gets really fun climbing those fences!

Australias has the best fences to climb!

I guarantee you all!

Good luck Danielle!

(sending you mega mega mega vibes!!!!)
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The night Persil went missing I climbed in everywhere I could (she was eventually found locked in a hencoop) so you do it. Anyone would understand. This is all so terrible, I know I speak for everyone on TCS that if there were anything at all practical that we could do, we would do it. But we are here for you, keep strong.
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Jenny - thankyou so much for your words. I have never had to ask TCS for vibes for something this important before and I have to admit that the continuing messages of love, vibes and encouragement really are helping me to keep going. I really do feel everyone behind me as I go through this Thankyou everyone. I can not express my thanks enough. I look forward to reading this whole thread to Cedar when he arrives home.

Its now 10.30pm and we have had some fireworks a few doors down. I couldnt even go and look at them as I was holding Tipsy in my arms who was shaking with fear (and he is the brave one!) I just kept repeating 'Cedy be brave darling, be brave'. I hope he heard me

This is the first time that I have been home on NYE and it feels very strange but I dont feel like celebrating so I am happy with my decision. I think i will be in bed before midnight and get up around 3-4am when the surrounding party's have finished and look for Cedar again. I am not sure if he would surface tonight though, depends I guess on how many more fireworks go off. If we get alot more then I might just sleep tonight and get my energy together for tomorrow night when Chris will be home so I can wander further from the house.

I have to continue to believe that he will come home... when he can. I dont know how I will cope if this is a long journey, but I will cope, somehow. My scared timid darling boy how I promised to protect you forever. Please come home so I can continue to do love you and look after you.
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Oh danielle I am so so sorry he is not home yet
He is out there, somewhere. Maybe he is scared, but maybe he's warm and cosy. Maybe he got into some kind persons house and they are hanging onto him until the scary fireworks and parties are over
We are all with you. When I told Sleeves that one of his TCS friends was missing, he miaowed at me so loud like he was shouting for Cedar to get home ASAP.
I hope he heard it.
I'll be thinking of you and hoping you have a happy new year and Cedar comes home. x
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I was hoping to come here and find better news today, Danielle. Cedar has been constantly in my thoughts. Lauren might be right - that somebody has taken him in and is looking after him over the holiday.
Continued vibes heading your way, and get well soon wishes for Jasmine.
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Continued vibes and prayers headed your way for Cedar's safe return home.
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Right now in Melbourne the Fireworks are going off.

I Hope for all the best danielle!
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Cedar, please please please go home, your family is very worried about you.
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It's early Sunday morning here Dan....
my prayers are on the way.

How is Jasmine feeling?
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I was so hoping to find some good news here. More prayers for Cedar to come home.
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I'm sure the fireworks delayed his homecoming. As scared as he must be, it helps explain why he has not returned yet.

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to your house from our, Dan. Come on home Cedar!
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Still no Cedar? I was hoping to hear that he'd come home! Cedar - go home!
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I was hoping to log on to find that he had come home. I'm sure that he will, as everyone has said, someone may be looking out for him over the holiday. I can't stop thinking about the little guy. Come home Cedar!!

from me and headbutts from Madden
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I was hoping, too. Come, sweet Cedy, come on home to Mum. She loves you so much, and misses you so much.

Hope Miss Jazzy is feeling better, too.

Lots and lots of vibes and prayers.
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