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Oh dear ... I was hoping you would have good news to report when I came in to check on you this afternoon. *sigh* Cedar, baby, please come home ... your Mommy is worried to death about you and there are people all over the world waiting to hear you are alright!

Still sending Come Home Cedar vibes and many, many hugs to you, Dan.
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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
Is it morning in Melbourne now? Oh Cedar, come home!
Its just approaching 8am Sunday morning. I have been up since 6am. I am shattered as I have hardly slept.
I want him home before tonight as since its NYE tonight there will be fireworks which inturn is a disaster.
Originally Posted by fawn
Well its 4 am in Melbourne right now, i wonder if she got up and went searching?
I got up at 2am for an hour but nothing
Originally Posted by HopeHacker
I know it's hard, but try to remain calm when you're out there looking for him. They can feel and hear the pain in your voice when you are calling for them and searching, so you have to try to send out calming vibes as you search
Thanks Hope I have been remaining calm when I have been calling/searching for him (well most of the time). I have concentrated on keeping my voice as loving as possible.... sometimes the tears come but other than that I am keeping the fear & pain from my voice, telling him I love him so very much and how many cuddles he is going to get.

I can only imagine 2 scenarios now.... that he is locked in somewhere and cant get out or worse, but I dont want too think of this second scenario of course.
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Oh - poor Cedar! Please come home!
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Oh.......... I hope he gets there before nightfall. I know its daylight there now and Im so hoping and praying he will be in before nightfall.
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Oh Dan....my heart aches for you.
Come home Cedar.
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I am so sorry that I have just seen this! Please know that you and Cedar are in my thoughts and all the vibes I can possibly send are on their way!

Sweet Cedar, please come home darling!
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I was hoping for good news this morning. I really hope you find him before tonight, if I were closer I'd come and help
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I am just catching up on this now.
I can sympathize with you greatly. Sending many many vibes to you at this time.
Cedar please come home soon.
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Crap! I hoped that you would have heard him in the night when all was quiet
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Any updates, Danielle?

Sending prayers and hugs to you.
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Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and fingers crossed.
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Still thinking about you and Cedy
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Please come home, Cedar! We are praying for you here in GA!
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I was hoping to be able to see some good news at your latest post
I'm still saying massive prayers that Cedar comes home so very soon
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Thinking of you Dan.
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still no news. Its almost 1pm here so now almost 48 hours since last sighting.

We had a storm come through this morning which was a disaster - it looked like it was set in for the day but it actually cleared pretty quickly. Cedar wouldnt surface during a storm on the best of days.

My neighbour to the left whom has been helping me alot apparently didnt sleep last night either as she kept worrying about Cedy

We have decided that we think that he is in hiding in the neighbours to the right. They have many many places that he could be hiding and they have a dog which could explain why Cedar wont come out?

Circumstances around when Cedar disappeared also lead to the explanation of him running to the right rather than to the left.

I am about to give Jaz her bottle and put her to bed. My neighbour (left side) will come in and sit with her just incase she wakes up (I will take the baby monitor with me as well) and I will take some food, water, torch and my most sweetest loving voice over to the right side neigbours and sit under there house for a while. It seems like the most logical explanation and it gives me some hope which I really really need!

Its a hard situation through as the husband/father on the right has cancer and was rushed to hospital a few days a go. So I feel a bit strange intruding too much.

thankyou again everyone for continuing to check in with us and offer your support.... its amazing how this support feels
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If you are checking in dark places, remember the flashlight, as his eyes will glow from the flashlight. Good Luck!
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I am so hopeing this is the Lucky Day. I was alway's told that cats generally come out at Dusk, I am not sure what your time line is there, But I am so Praying that that Baby comes home
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I am with you Dan.
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Dang, I was hoping for him to be home already....

Come on Ceday Boy! Come home to your family!
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Oh geez I've just seen this, I'm so sorry Danielle - I hope he comes home soon! I freaked out when our Byron went missing - he was ALWAYS around as well, so I certainly know how you feel.

Best wishes for his safe return before the new years fireworks start
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I am praying that he comes home! Thank you for keeping us updated.
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
I am not sure what your time line is there
its 1pm Sunday afternoon.

Just waiting for Jasmine to nod off to sleep (now my daughter has a high temperature. sigh. just what I need!) and I am off.... with the flashlight of course (we call it a torch here)... let today be our lucky day!
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Oh no, sweet Jasmine...
You need hugs to sweetie pie.

Dan...I wish I was there with you.
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Oh no, poor little Jasmine.

Dan, I have everything crossed that tonight's the night you find him. Come on sweet Cedy, time to come home now.
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Not yet, eh?

Aw sweet Jaz.. Sorry you're under the weather, sweetie.

Dan, lots and lots of vibes for your boy's safe return. From what you say, it does sound likely that he's holed up somewhere on the "right" neighbour's property. Come on, sweet Cedy, come to Mum. Dan
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I am praying for Cedar's safe return.
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Oh Danielle, I am just seeing this! Please come home Cedar, your mum loves and misses you so much!!!!
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What about trying to lure him out with Kentucky Fried Chicken? Do you have that in Australia? I thought that was the thing they can't resist.

Sure hope he comes home very soon.
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