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vibes for Cedar - missing - HE'S HOME!!!  

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I am hoping that this thread is a little premature but I am beside myself and a complete mess so I thought I would call on some TCS vibes.

Cedar hasnt come home.

He always comes home when I drive the car in the driveway. He didnt at 3pm when I came home from work and he didnt when I came home from collecting Jasmine from care at 5pm. Thats when I began worrying.

He always comes home for dinner around 6-7pm. He didnt.

I have searched and searched. called and called. shaken the treat box. shone the lazer light, even cringled some aluminum foil as he loves that (dont worry he doesnt get given it).... I even raked up the leaves as he always comes to play when I rake up the leaves.


its not 10.20pm. Pitch black and nothing.

gosh I hope he is out having the time of his life playing and nothing worse.... i feel sick thinking about it.

I cant stop crying. I hate this. HATE IT.

please can we have some BIG TCS VIBES? please?
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Dan text me the minute he shows up
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I hope cedar comes home soon!!!!!
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{{{}}} vibes for you Danielle.
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I am sending as many vibes as I possibly can your way that Cedar returns home right away! I wish I was there so I could help you look myself

Hang in there, you know how many times TCS vibes have worked in the past!
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((((((((((((((((((come Home Cedar!!!))))))))))))))))))))))))
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Come home Cedar!
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Please come home Cedar!!

Your mom is so worried

Mega vibes
{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}
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Hurry up home Cedar you are missed,
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thankyou so much everyone. I do know what TCS magic is like, thats why I came to you all.

Its now approaching midnight. My neighbour and I have been out searching without any luck. I am going to go rest (or try too at least) for a while. Lets just hope that Cedy is waiting at the door come daylight. I am sure I will be up numerous times in the night to call out for him

come home baby - mummy loves you so very much
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Cedar come home!!!!! Little boys should not be out after dark!!!!
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Come home Cedar, your mommy is worried!
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sending lots of luck for Cedar to come home safely
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Dan, I am sending all the vibes that I can possible send your way
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Oh no Dan.....
All of my thoughts and vibes are going out to you right now.
Cedar...be safe and come home to Mommys arms sweetie.

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Vibes for your little guy! I hope he comes home soon!
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Any update???
Dan I am so sorry he's stayed out later than he should
Come home Cedar Mummy is so scared and misses you so much
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Cedar, you better go home right now, everyone is so worried about you.
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Sending many {{{{{come home Cedar}}}}} vibes...you must be freakin out, I know I would be too.

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Ceeeeeeeedar! Your Meowmy is very worried about you - please come home so she knows you are safe! Home, Cedar!
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Oh Mr. Cedar! Get your lil honey buns home and stop scaring your meowmie!
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Sending major vibes and prayers that Cedar comes home safely and soon!
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Come Home Cedar <3
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Oh No!....

I´m so sorry dear Dan.......It can´t be...

My total and major best wishes to Cedar come back soon!

)))))))))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

My prayers to him right now!!!!!!!...
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Dan, my heart sank when I read this title!! PLEASE COME HOME NOW CEDAR!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sending vibes for Cedar to come home
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Oh no! Cedar - you get home right now! Your meowmy is very worried about you! COME HOME CEDAR!!!!!!!!!
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Cedar!!! You've got us all very worried! Come home right away!!!

You're in my thoughts and prayers
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Oh, Dan!!

Cedar, please sweetie, get your little butt home. Mum is worried sick about you, and missing you terribly.

Many many vibes for a safe return soon.
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