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In Memory of Storm: My Story

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Its been 4 months since Storm had to be put to sleep, and I'm still a mess about it. Just like Rascal (passed away Jan 31st 06), I haven’t been ready to post something like this for Storm till now. Here's a story of Storm, from when I got her till she passed away. I'm sorry that its pretty long, but when I started typing, I couldn’t stop.

I first saw Storm when I was walking home from picking up my brother from school around December 29th 2004. She was around 4-5 months old, and running crazy all over the place. One of the most beautiful cats I've seen before. She didn’t have a collar on, and I was worried about her, but once she ran in front of a car that almost hit her, I decided to take her home with me to find her owner so that she didn’t end up like the cat I saw around a week before that .

I was told that there was no more pets to be brought into the house, so I put her in the basement, which happens to be my room and closed the door. I told my mom about her, and she just said "oh Ali, she can't stay" I told her that I new that and wanted to find her owner, that I couldn’t see her get hit by a car. She just said not to tell my dad, and that she was not staying.

The next morning, my dad went to open the basement door. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was getting his boots. I told him that I'd get them, and opened the door to go down for him. And there came Storm, running up the stairs with her little walk that she did, meowing. My dad just looked at her, and said "What the hell is that?" and I replied real quickly "Mom said it was ok! She's not staying" He said oh and walked away to call my mom. Funniest thing ever.

My dad ended up finding the owner, but they said that they'd rather not have her, and if we didn’t want her, that they'd take her back. She ended up staying with us.

Storm got her name because when she came into our lives, she changed everything, some for the worse, some for the best.

She also did the weirdest things, and we use to call her our human slash dog slash monkey in a cats body. She would sit on the chair like a human, with her squatting on the set, with one paw over the arm of the chair, and the other beside her. She'd play fight with me like a dog would. And she would climb or jump up on our backs and just sit on our shoulders like a monkey.

She loved sleeping in boxes, any type of box to big or two small, she'd sleep in it. Even a plastic butter container, that held 10 pounds of butter. Not very big, but she found away to sleep in it.

At the end of December 06 I think it was, Storm got outside, and ended up getting pregnant. I turned to the forum for advice when that happened. She had 4 beautiful kittens on March 6th, 3 that I kept ( pictures of the kitten’s birth plus others can be found: (birth pictures), , (52 in this one), ). It was funny, cuz after she had them, she wouldn't let me leave her. She'd leave the kittens and come get me, and wouldn’t go to them until I went with her. I spent 3 days just sitting with her and the kittens just getting up to check my mail, eat and use the washroom. Even then I slept with all five of them, as she had them on my bed.

Tuesday August 22, 2am I'm never going to forget. I was just about to watch 8 Below because I couldn’t sleep. I put the DVD in and then paused it wondering where Storm was. Remembering I didn’t see her all day, I started to worry that she got out side again. I went searching all through the house calling for her and calling her. When I got to the basement, I saw white through up all over my room. When I went back up stairs, I saw Storm by the back door, she was crouched down, looking at the floor and if possible, she looked very pale. She started to be sick again, and I just pet her saying its ok, trying to stop her shaking. I took her upstairs to "my room" (my brothers that I ended up taking over) and trying to calm her as well as my self down. I called my dad in tears saying Storm was sick and didn’t look to good, he told me that if she still was like that in the morning when he got home from work, we'd take her to the vet. I stayed up with her all night, by watching 8 Below, and just holding her and petting her.

Around 8am I fell asleep holding Storm, and didn’t wake back up till 4pm. Storm was no longer in the room and I went to find her. She ended up being sick 5-6 more times. I picked her back up and was holding her. I woke my dad up (he works nights, so he sleeps during the day) saying she’s not better. Storm through up some blood while I was talking to my mom on the phone, and I started to cry more. My mom got a vet appointment for 5:30 but I ended up taking her 30 mins early, not that anyone minded.

The vet thought that it had something to do with her Uterus, and that she'd have to stay the night. I didn’t like it, but I new she had to stay there. The next morning the other Vet took a look at her, and discovered that she swallowed string, and that it tied around her tongue as well as went down to her stomach/intestines. He hoped that by cutting it away from her tongue that it would let it pass, and if not he'd have to do surgery to remove it. So Storm had to stay an extra day, but my mom and I went and spent an hour in a half with her that day.

The next morning, Friday August 25th I called my mom when I woke up to see if she heard anything from the vet. She said no, that it didn’t open until 8:30am and that she'd call me when she heard anything. When my mom didn’t call and it was 10am I called, and was told she would call me back. I new then that something was wrong. She called me back 5 mins later, and told me that Storm had to be put to sleep, that the string did more damage then first thought, and that she most likely wouldn’t survive the surgery. I don’t remember much after that, just that from 10am to 1pm I was laying in bed staring out the window, not moving. 2pm my mom, dad and I went to the vet and spent 5 hour's with her, 4 alive and one when she passed. Storm upon seeing us, meowed and stood up on the table and walked over to my mom rubbing herself on her. When she realized we weren’t going anywhere, she laid back down but was purring.

She never purred often, but she was purring right till she was gone. That’s how I new, because she stopped and I didn’t need the Vet to say "She's at peace" to no that.

Storm just turned, or was just about to turn 2 years old. I loved every minute with her, and wish I could have had more.

I love you Storm.

Also a link to the forum, when I was worried about Storm, the information is more clear there
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Thank you for sharing Strom's story. She was beautiful, and I'm so sorry you lost her, but the decision to end her suffering was the right thing to do.

R.I.P. Storm! .
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Poor young little lamb...and poor you. I know how painful this must be for you. I had to lay our Ginger (16 year-old dog) to rest on Dec. 4th, and everytime I run into her little winter sweater, or her leash, or see that empty dog bed, the tears start to fall.

It is so hard to lose our special friends...and Storm truly will be with you always...not physically, but spiritually. She was blessed that your heart was big enough to take her in and love her as you did, and nothing will ever take that away...even from across the Bridge.
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I am so very sorry for your loss of Storm. She sounds like she was more than precious. Rest In Peace Storm
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I'm so sorry for your loss... You gave her a good life when she came to live with you, and I'm sure she knew she was loved by you and your family. Thank you for sharing her story with us. She was a special cat indeed, and she'll live on in your memory till you meet her again.
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Storms story is very touching and, of course, she is a beautiful girl You gave her a warm and loving home when all about her must have seemed so harsh and terrible. No words will make the pain go away, you will grieve in your own way and that must be the way of things Please know that we are all here for you whenever and for whatever you might need us for. You have some very special loving memories of Storm and in time those memories will make you smile once more

RIP little one, you have a new fur-family now and the love from below will make you purr forever
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Thank you for sharing your memories of Storm's precious, though sadly short, life.

Rest in peace Storm.
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RIP storm.
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You can see why you miss this gorgeous little girl

Know that Storm is running around all healthy again over at the bridge

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Thank you everyone. It took me a while to reply, as I'd get teary eyed every time I read a response, still do when re-reading them. It took a lot out of me to write that, and read the responses. They meant a lot, and I'm sure Storm appreciates them as well.
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Originally Posted by SilverPhoenix69 View Post
Thank you everyone. It took me a while to reply, as I'd get teary eyed every time I read a response, still do when re-reading them. It took a lot out of me to write that, and read the responses. They meant a lot, and I'm sure Storm appreciates them as well.
We certainly understand
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i am so sorry for your loss. I could picture Storm doing stuff, you write very well. It's too young to lose a kitty. what a shame. I worry about my kids swallowing stuff all the time, anytime I see something, I grab them and look in there. The other day pulled tinsel out of my new kittens mouth. Yours is a good lesson to other kittys and their moms and dads to pay attention to what is on the floor or available for snacking......

That is so sad.....only two. Whole life ahead......I am realy sorry.
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Thank you for sharing Storm's story. She was and is a beautiful cat and you gave her a good, loving home for the time that she was with you. Rest assured and be comforted that you did the right thing by easing her suffering and allowing her to pass on knowing that she was loved.

Rest In Peace little Storm.

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I'm terrified of my baby's chewing on anything, I always have been. Storm always loved string, and it didn't seem to matter how much we hid it, or took it a way from her, she'd always find a way to get at it even when we didn't no there was any. We don't no if she got it outside, as she got out a week/few days before the 22nd, or at our house. Her kittens seem to have taken after her, Midnight loves bags and we have to make sure there's none on the floor at all for her to chew and Lightning and Lucky love string and well anything they can get their paws on. I just have to make sure they don't get anything at all. I truly hope that it doesnt happen to any other kitty's or there moms/dads, its a very upsetting experience, though any way would be a very upsetting experience .

Thank you iamluckysmom and Bryan, it meant a lot.
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Condolences on your loss of Storm. Thank you for the touching story - it made it easy to visualize your special girl. Bless you for comforting her when she was so sick, poor baby. And kudos for having the courage to see her off on her final journey. Even though the veterinary staff would have been compassionate, I feel that our pets feel reassured and comforted if they can pass directly from our arms to the other side of Rainbow Bridge. Your love will never die, and Storm's legacy is carried on in her kittens.
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Thank you for sharing your special kitty's touching story. I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Storm.
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What a touching story, i am so sorry for your loss, she truly was a gorgeous girl. RIP little one.
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Oh, poor Storm. I am in tears reading her story, I am very sorry you had to lose her. RIP Storm sweety.
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I couldn't leave my baby alone when they put her to sleep. I just couldn't. My parents told me I should leave the room with both Rascal and Storm, but I felt that leaving would make them think I was abandon them, more so with Storm because she spent the last to nights at the Vets. It was hard, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you for reading her story. And thank you for your kind words, as I've already said, they really do mean a lot to me.
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We all know that kittens will be kittens, and I did not mean to imply you didn't watch out for Storm. Let's face it, they are sneaky, and single minded and spoiled. Sweetie, it was an accident. I just spent the past two days trying to find out in Money Tree is poisonous because brainiac decides to go to the "salad bar" No symptoms, so I suppose it's alright.

You have a Lucky too. I sure miss my boy, give yours a kiss for me, will you?
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I no you didn't mean it like that, not to worry. I was just writing for writing. I no it was an accident, but I still feel like it was my fault or at least I didn't do enough to help her.

And for the Money Tree plant, the site I just went to says that its non toxic:

*nods* I do have a Lucky, I gave him a few kisses and told them they were for you .
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