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My cat ate almost half a Ziplock bag!...

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Hi Folks,

I've never posted here before but I'm concerned about my 12 year old cat, Mittens. She's always had a liking for plastic bags since she was a kitten and will eat them if someone inadvertently leaves one around.

Last night (apparently) she got hold of a gallon-sized Ziplock bag and ate not quite half of it. There was a ton of plastic in her litter box tonight along with a piece of plastic next to a hairball outside of the box (vomited up).

This car has a gut-of-steel. She's never had a problem passing any plastic she's eaten (and she's eaten lots), is eating/drinking/acting normally and doesn't seem to be sick or anything. Should I be concerned about this?

Thanks, I'm really nervous about this. She's a Persian/Himalayan mix if that matters. This seems like a great forum, please send Mittens some good vibes for me and let me know any suggestions you may have.

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First of all welcome to TCS Pete & Mittens

What a unique little kitty to eat plastic

I would say that even though she hasn't had trouble in the past to call your vet for his/her advice. That's an awful lot of plastic to try and digest.

Sending lots of prayers and good vibes, and keep us posted
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Welcome to TCS!

TroutsMom might be able to give you some advice here, her girl Trout LOVES some plastic.
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Welcome to the site!

I think the good news is that Mittens seems to have passed most, if not all, of the plastic. If she is eating, drinking, and behaving normally she might have gotten through this OK, but I wouldn't feel comfortable without giving the vet a ring just to be sure.
Remember that kitties have a way of hiding their illness or pain, so if Mittens exhibits any abnormal behavior I would have her looked at just to be safe.

I have to be extra careful about leaving plastic bags laying around myself. Dori loves to play with them and will occasionally chew on them.

Please keep us updated and let us know how Mittens is. I will be keeping her in my thoughts
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