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crazy kitten!

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Hello everyone,

I"m new here and this is my first question. I have a nearly 3 month old Calico kitten named Neko. She is smart as a whip but a rough player. I want to make sure I'm training her correctly. She likes to bite my hands and wrists when I play with her. I've tried putting her down, sometimes she jumps back up for more. I've tried saying "no!" and now I've gone to putting her in "time out" (aka the bathroom) right after she does it. Not sure if it is sinking in.

It's not that she's afraid of hands..she'll cuddle on my nap to sleep and let me pet her. She comes when I call her...but she's confounding me with this biting habit. Earlier tonight we were playing with a laser pointer and it's as if she figured out the source was the laser pointer in my hand..she took off and ran straight for my face! I was able to cut her off...but its almost like when she gets into "attack" mode she is possessed.

Any suggestions? Will she grow out of it eventually? I've had plenty of cats before but it was so long ago I can't remember kitten training..and they always came in pairs so I guess they fought all that out on their own.

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I have heard that hissing at them like a momma when they do such things seem to help.

Our Ping figured out the source of the laser pens pretty quickly. All I have to say now is "Hun pen" and Ping is ready to go.

I hope someone comes around and can give you more advice on the biting.
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I am in the same situation. I just learned how to play with my hands away from Benson. He loves to cuddle in bed but that is it. I really think they are teething.
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A toy called the Kitten Mitten will let you play games with the kitten without them biting your hands. If you can't afford them get some gardening gloves and sew toys to the fingers. The Mitten keeps the kitten's teeth and claws well away from your fingers. You don't want them thinking your hand is a toy!
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hmmm...I'll definitely give some of those options a try. The only thing she does that I find really unsettling is she stalks me...I don't mean she hides behind a couch and waits for me to walk by...she openly stalks me. I'll be sitting on the couch and she'll start creeping across the room preparing for a strike. Usually I'll catch with before she pounces. I'll clap my hands really loudly and yell "no!" and sometimes move toward her...but sometimes she wants to pounce even more...any solutions for that? I guess none of my other cats did that b/c they were outdoor cats and had plenty to stalk. My husband and I are her only prey (and boy does he get mad!)
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