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Godiva with my husband... so sweet!

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Godiva is such a sweetie. She is feeling a little left out with all the attention going to Tobie, so here's a pic of her and my husband. And Sneakers too.

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All three are quite beautiful and handsome.
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Aww... what lovely cats you have! Very sweet pic of Godiva and Daddy
post #4 of 12 of hubbies/boyfriends with kitties always makes me drippy. My hubby is more of a dog person, really, so drippy-husband-kitty-photos are truly a rarity around here.

Sneakers and Godiva (what a lovely name...I've always thought so - best chocolate EVER!!!) are lovely lovies!
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Thanks, guys!
I picked out Godiva's name before I even met her because I knew she was a chocolate (aka sable) Burmese. We also figured she'd be a diva, so the name worked. She is definitely my most emotional and needy cat.

I'm lucky to have a kitty person for a husband... he loves cats as much as I do. I don't know what I'd do with someone who I had to defend my cat obsesssion to all the time!
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Lovely picture your family is beautiful
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She's beautiful! And so is Sneakers! Like Wookie130 I love to see pictures of men cuddling kitties. I just think that a man who is a cat person has to be a gentle, kind and loving person. Not that men who prefer dogs aren't, but I just equate men with cats as being at the top of the heap

I used to have a cat named Gem who the Humane Society thought was a Burmese and black Persion mix. She was stunning.
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I agree! In my limited experience, I've found that men who like cats tend to be more sensitive and caring than men who just like dogs. Dogs are the "rrr rrr" (think Al Bundy) man-grunt pet, while cats require a bit of sophistication. I have an aunt (who is truly cat-crazy) that says to beware of men who don't like felines.
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Hahaha! I agree with your aunt!
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Originally Posted by Sims2fan View Post
Lovely picture your family is beautiful
Sure is!
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Awww so sweet
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You know, just yesterday I saw a photo of a Burmese and thought what beautiful coats they have. Your Godiva is certainly an example of that - just gorgeous!!!
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