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Just got back from the vet

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Took Deuce back in to the vet today because she was passing blood in her urine AGAIN, so they ended up doing xrays. Found 5 bladder stones, and said that she was going to require surgery. Vet said that the chance of her getting them again after they are removed is fairly slim, and that she is a very healthy cat otherwise.

I inquired about payment plans, and the vet looked at me and said " Don't worry about it, my MAIN priority is the cat, money comes at the end of that list. You pay what you can, if it is 5 dollars a month that is fine"

So surgery is schedualed for January 12th, and he siad that she is does not have an infection. It is probably the stones rubbing up against the wall that is causing the bloody urine. He told me that she should be fine till the 12th, and that it is not gonna kill her. I went in there with high anxiety and he knew, and by the time I left my anxiety was really low. He is such a great Vet.

He told me that as long as she is eating, drinking, and passing urine, she will be fine. But if I notice any change in her behaviour, such as not eating, sleeping more etc to call them.

He is going to send the stones off to the lab to see what caused them, and he told me that he didn't even think a special diet would be required, but he would know more when he got the results back.

Anyone else have to go through this surgery with there little one? I could use som reassurance that it is standard, and what to expect from it.

I just can't praise this vet enough, the sad thing is he is retiring this weekend, and the other vet will be doing the surgery, but I trust this practise, now that I see that they put the health of a cat before money!
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Wow!, what an incredible vet you have! I wish there were more out there like him.

I've never had a cat with stones, but wanted to send my well wishes and prayers.

Keep us posted!
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My Misty had that surgery two years ago. Coincidentally it was on January 12th of 2005. The surgery was quick. I was so surprised when the vet called me about 45 minutes later and said it was done. He had to make an incision in her tummy, open Misty's bladder, remove the stones, flush the bladder with sterile water or something like that to make sure all crystals are removed, they closed her bladdder and her tummy with dissolvable stitches and she came home the next morning. Misty recovered fairly quickly and didn't seem to be too uncomfortable. She had to be on an antibiotic for about 10 days because she had a bladder infection even before the surgery.

So all in all, she did just fine. She was back to her old self in about 3 days. She rested for a day or so when she came home but she never really seemed to have any pain. If she did, she sure didn't show it. She slept with me and purred as usual and was just happy to be home.

Misty's stones were tested and found to be Calcium Oxalate so she now eats the prescription diet Hills X/D. It will be two years on January 12th and she seems to be doing just fine. She hasn't had any urinary tract infections or any trouble urinating since. And no blood. Misty was 7 years old when she had the surgery.

Good luck with your kitty. It sounds like you have great faith in your vet. That's wonderful.

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It sounds like you have a great vet. too bad he is retiring.

Are the Calcium Oxalate stones caused by a too acid PH or too base?
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Calcium Oxalate can form when urine is too acidic. Some cats are genetically predisposed to calcium oxalate stones. I think my cat is because she and her brother both had the same problem and both ended up with surgery.

Here's a link that might be helpful.


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What a great vet you have, I hope that the new vet is the same way.
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