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Cat fight

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So, I just got a call from my friend who is taking care of Puppy(my 2 year old DSH). Situation is:

* Puppy is "special" and doesn't like to be alone for more than a few days.
* My friend has two cats, and one of those is also "special".
* The three cats have spent time together on short vacations.
* I am away for a month.
* My friends had to be gone for a week during that month, so we had our pet sitter come by every other day during that week.
* When our friend came back, they found their special kitty with puss coming from four bite wounds, presumably left by Puppy.
* The one normal kitty in the bunch gets along fine with the other two. It's just the special boys that spend all day growling.

So, I'm still away for 2.5 more weeks. Plan is:
* Pay for pet sitter to bring Puppy back to my place and visit him every day.
* Pay for the other cat's medical bills.

Questions are:
* Am I overlooking anything? I'm rather flustered with all this. I had no idea Pups would do anything like this. He lived with my girls for several months without any fighting.
* Will I ever be able to get a second cat? Puppy is fine with their other cat, and he was fine with both my girls. The girls are elderly and rather aggressive, the other cat is young and somewhat submissive. The cat he attacked is also special, is rather overweight (my friend thinks he couldn't get out of the way), older, and dominant. I was planning to get another kitty in a few months since he seems more chill when there's another cat/person home with him during the day, but now I'm not sure.
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Your plan is okay but I suggest you change the pet sitter. For pus oozing out of wounds it takes more than 24 hours. Bite wounds first swell to an abscess, pus builds up and then pops and oozes out. The pet sitter was not paying attention to the kitties.
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I don't think it was her fault. The cat that was bitten is rather overweight, so no one would have noticed swelling. The puss popped out between the last pet sitter visit and the owners coming home.

Anyway, Puppy is now home and purred for an hour while the sitter was there. She thinks we can get another cat, as long as it can keep up with him. Maybe a younger female, with claws?
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