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Booger Deserves a Home - Right?

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Poor Booger. I love her to death, and Gary likes her. She loves both of us. She has finally exhibited interest in coming inside again (we expected it would happen eventually!), but there's just not room for five of us full time in here!

We made the hard decision. I contacted Maine Coon Rescue and was then contacted by a co-ordinator in New Jersey. I think they'll find her a foster home first, where she'll re-learn to live inside and be able to stay until they find someone to adopt her permanently. I will make sure to make arrangements for her to come back here if her foster parents can't keep her and she doesn't get adopted.

Should we do this? She's such a love bunny (when she trusts you) - doesn't she need a better home than we can provide, despite our love for her?

Love your opinion. I really don't know what to do. I'm so torn up about it. Help!
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Hi Laurie,

As long as she goes to someone who is up on the ways of a feral she will be fine. If I were closer, I would take her for you, as I have several people who help me with my ferals when I need it.

You can't save and keep them all. I know that when we first moved down to Oregon before we found our house, we lived in our 34 ft. motor home with 2 dogs and 5 cats! It was a tad crowded! You already go above and beyond the norm for the sake of these critters who were tossed out like garbage. Thank you for that, for caring, for loving and for being so giving!
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It sounds like an excellent solution. But, I agree with Hissy (of course!) that the foster parent needs to know the ways of wild kitties! I hope it is successful.
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Hissy, if we can't keep her, there's no place I'd rather see her. And I can't imagine another three cats and two dogs in here! We already had to remove our dining room to put in an office. We have so many papers and electronics in here it takes us about a week to get ready to move! Real mobile, hunh? LOL! And now we're caring for the colony... I hope we don't have to leave for the Winter, though it would likely then mean moving in the Spring. We'll see..... One thing is for sure. We can't ever leave without making arrangements for the care of the colony and WITH permission of the property owners.

Thanks for the advice. We'll see what they come up with, and I'll keep you posted.
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Laurie - I have found out that letting go is the hardest part of rescue - feral or not. I have cried like a baby each and every time one of Goldie's babies left to go to their new homes. Then there was Lily and others who have passed my way and been rehomed. So many babies that need love and care.
You are making the right decision. I know that my doors are closed, but not my heart. I want to be able to provide the best care I can for my 8 fur babes, and more would make all suffer. That is how a 'friend' of mine got into a terrible situation. She started out with a good heart, but becuse she could notleg go, about 40 cats and other large animals suffered. (we got them out this Spring, and most are recovering nicely now)
God bless you and your work. You and hubby ARE a kitty angels
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