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Both Harley & Davidson were born in John's mom's house - Harley in John's brothers room, and Davidson in the basement
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No clue!!!
I couldn't love mine any more if they were from the best of the best though.
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Radar is a crossbreed but I met both his parents, have been to the house where he was born, and I know that his birthday is 11th May.

My parrot is a different matter however, I was his 5th home in the first 15 weeks of his life. I don't know where he was hatched, but I would love just the slightest chance of finding out, if only to let his breeder know that he had a forever home with me and that I love him
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I have no idea where either of mine were born. It would be nice to know, but it's not important to me.
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Well I know Peewee was born somewhere local.. I assume at a house... and I only know that because when he and his brother were left in the cage outside the shelter in the middle of the night, the person who left them there stuck index cards to them tell their birthdate and what shots they had.

The rest... I assume on the streets, but really don't know.

And my NY ferals that still live in my mom's backyard (not in my sig...) were born under her shed by a neighborhood stray we tried to trap and spay... we never were successful with that.
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I believe Sash was born on a farm. I found him living outside a diner with many other cats, which were coming over for food from the farm/barn that sits right behind the diner. I'm just guessing that's where he came from along with his sister, my angel Lucki.
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Most of ours are related somehow, so they were born in/around our old house. Rogue was from somewhere on Lake Norman, Dave rescued her and her siblings when they were babies. Rosebud is her niece; Smoke, Twoface and Sandy are her kids. Domino was a stray that ran in our house the first day we were able to get Domino's pizza delivered there. Growlie was about two weeks old when we found her in the yard, wet and starving. Everyone else is related as babies of a feral mom in the old neighborhood.
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Ansel came from a town by the name of Arnaudville. He was a Christmas gift from a friend. I got him at about 3 months old. Zan showed up at my house.....sort of. I was walking into my garage and heard what I thought was a tiny, kitty meow. I looked across the fence in the neighbor's yard and there she was....about 4 months old or so. Bella was born under my house.
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Chloe was a feral that was captured with her mom and brothers in the rescuer's yard outside of San Diego, CA. Iris was part of a rescued litter from Los Angeles, CA. That's all I know, but it doesn't matter to me! We love these girls!
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Rocket is a pure bred that we got from a breeder, Twig we got from DH's cousin and Isis and Luna came from the street. So I guess I can say yes I do know where my cats came from sort of. Even if I had no idea (which I really don't with Isis and Luna) I would love them anyway.
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Sho was born under some bushes in early September '02 to grey tiger cat that my grandmother didn't have spayed and a huge long haired tabby and white tom that was terrorizing the neighborhood around that time.
Little Tomas I found crying outside a few days after Thanksgiving. At the time he was only 10-11 weeks old, he was either someone's kitten that was put outside alone and got lost or dumped. I suspect dumped because because we live outside of town in a little community and at the end of a dead end street.
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Scratch was born at a farm about 30 mins out of Moose Jaw
Squee was born at a woman's house here in town
I don't know where JC or Flash (RB cats) were born

ETA: Scratch was born in the summer of 2001
Squee was born about two-three months ago
JC was born in 2003
Flash was born in July of 1986
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Tilli and Timotei were born in an friends home in 2004. Usva and Milla are rescues. I'm not really sure, where Milla was born in 2002, though I've met her mom and brother, but I do know the city part Usva was born in 1999. I got Usva from a shelter with little background info, just when approximately she was born and that she had been taken in as a kitten, adopted and returned once. A couple of years later my sister's friend visited my place and said Usva looked just like one of the kittens abandoned by their neighbour in a forest next to them. She had saved the kittens and taken them to the shelter. The dates matched and she even produced a photo her mom had taken of her with the kittens. One of them was most definately Usva. So I know her birth place and circumstances just by weird coincidence.
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I do not know where Sissy and Buddy were born.

Bonnie was born in the laundryroom of the apartment complex that we used to live at. Our friend found the mama and kits and took her in to his apartment. We took 2 of the kits but Clyde died about 6 years ago.

Princess, Scamper and Stinker were born behind our entertainment center to Sissy and Buddy
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I have no idea where any of my three were born.
Sam was a stray and intact when I took him in at (the vet guessed) around four years old.
Mica was with mama cat and her littermates at petsmart when she picked me.
The little sign on her cage said they were found abandoned in a box near a dumpster.
Mala was found in a dumpster at my work.
I have the three most adorable kitties in the world and it doesn't make a bit of difference whether I ever know or not.
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Bella Soph and Sev were born in a house, And Joey was born in a barn!
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I have no idea where either of our two boys were born, but I know who their parents are - us! They think they are our babies, and they're right! Just not biological, of course!
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Lucky was born in FL....Kissimmee to be exact. And Louie was born in a neighbor's house.....but I don't think it would matter much considering they are taken from their momma's at 8-12 wks.....
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Bosco, Bear, Max, and Jasmine were born in my house. I even had to cut Bosco and Bears cord lol. Buddy was born under my house with his sister Raven but I don't have her any more...she got out of the house and never came back. His mom was Sadie who was Kaylas sister (Kayla is the momma to Bosco, Bear, Max, and Jasmine.) she was feral so Buddy was a little feral at first and I had to catch him and tame him.

I don't know where Molly was born. She just showed up on my back porch.
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Mine were born into a home (if thats what you call it) full of cruelty and filth and no care, saw the ad in the free classifieds, got my kittens and called the RSPCA after what I witnessed while there viewing the kittens, thank god they took the babies, the cats from her previous litter, and the mum who appeared to be a breeding machine with no love and affection.
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