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Do you know where your kitty was born?

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My friend/boss here at work is thinking of getting a new pup, but won't go to a shelter because she wants to "KNOW" where her pup was born...............

Maybe it's just me, but I have no idea where TTPorB were born, but I wouldn't trade them for the world.....

Do you know where your kitty/kitties came from?
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I've no idea where Rosie was born, but probably in someones house?. Sophie was born at a vets surgery
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Not a clue on any of them. What does it matter "where" they were born? Heck, I don't even know WHEN any of them except Trent was born!
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Not a clue on any of them. What does it matter "where" they were born? Heck, I don't even know WHEN any of them except Trent was born!
Well, maybe I worded it wrong.......she wants to know "Where" they are from as to who the parents are........no inbreeding I think she's afraid of.
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I only know for sure that Ferris was born outside in Billerica, MA, but have no clue about his parentage other than his momcat was a tortie.

Ginger was a shelter kitty, no idea where she was born or what her lineage is.

I don't even have a real birthdate for either of them. And it makes zero difference to me, I love them to pieces!

Here's a question, would she feel better knowing for sure that her pup came from a puppy mill?
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I know my girls were born in a town just north of here. Other than that I don't know. I know their mama was at the shelter too (looked just like Mooch does now! Wish I'd known soon enough to be able to get her too!) so either the owner surrendered the Mama and all 4 kittens (my girls were the last 2 adopted) or they were taken off the streets together.
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There are so many animals out there that need homes, I wish it didn't matter to her.

I know where Reilly was born, and I know that Sydney was born on the streets.
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Portia was probably born in the warehouse where she was found, and I think Diesel came from a backyard breeder!

But I wouldn't trade either of them!
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8-Bit was born under a portch. Scratch was found wondering on the street of a known BYB.
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Simba and Shane were both here in Los Angeles. Simba is a pedigree with papers and Shane came from a BYB. (I didn't know better, when I bought him 9 years ago)

SunLee is also a pedigree born in Florida, and then purchased by a breeder in Northern California. I found her on a Purebred Rescue, as the Northern California breeder, spayed her and was looking for a furever, life of leisure life for her, and that is how I got her.

Angel a pedigree Bengal came from Kai Bengals, and I believe she was born in Hawaii before they moved to continent in the South Eastern US.
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I know nothing of Frankie's birth except about where in the city she was born. I'm not even sure of the when. Wickett is another story. I know his mom and he was born in a friend's garage but the dad was likely a neighborhood tom on the prowl... and again, I only know roughly when he was born.

I understand being concerned about inbreeding but pedigree and lines aren't importnat to me. What is important is that the cat is healthy and happy.
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Most of mine were born feral, but I did have a dog that used to sense when a feral cat had kittens on the property and would lead us to them. Some we found after the mom brought them up to the house, and others we found at birth.

Eightball (and his OTB brother Tigger) was born in the rafters of our garage - October 1, 1996.

Scarlett was born in the garden behind the house - August 30, 2001.

Muddy and Koko were born in the garden off the front porch - April 22, 2003.

(Ellie Mae found all of the above)

Lucky was born in the woods behind our property. Their mom brought them up to the house a few hours before a tornado went thru those woods. We watched her carry the first kitten up to the house and immediately started building a shelter for them as we knew the weather would be bad that night. We finished the shelter with 3 kittens in it and woke up the next morning to find a fourth kitten. The tornado passed overhead, destroyed everything on the patio a few feet away from the shelter but the shelter held. That was May 11, 2003.

Sage and Dakota were born in the barn of a woman that I know. She watched the mom give birth the night of the big tornados on May 4, 2003. She was afraid for the mom with the weather and was out watching her to make sure nothing went wrong.

Hey - knowing 7 out of 13 isn't bad!!
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Well actually I do know where 6 of them were born Susie not that it was good, They were born in a very busy shopping center parking lot, witch doesn't mean that someone couldn't have got them and then adopted them out and said that they raised them...So People for the most part have no idea if they are being told the truth, not only that even some people that do raise them don't do a bang up job, I don't see why someone would have a problem getting a Shelter animal .
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Actually, I know exactly where and when (down to the exact time of day) Jamie was born, but only because his mother was in foster care, and the foster family and I belong to the same cat rescue organization. I got a "birth certificate" along with a copy of the adoption contract, which really wasn't necessary, because I knew of the litter's births within hours, and spontaneously said I'd take one or two kittens.
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I have no idea where Trout was born...It kinda makes me sad to think about it because I got her from a petstore..so she could have come from a kitty mill...I really hope not.
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Shadow, Vash, Trouble and Ivory were all born at our current vet's clinic (their moms were all pulled from kill shelters).

Spaz was born at my family's vet clinic back in Seattle.

Cassi was a feral, so no clue on her.
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Tiger was born 3/17/04 ( I was there. He was born in my closet)
Bo, Duke and Cooter were born 9/12/06 ( They were born on my bed )
And Jake was born 9/28/05
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Milky was born in Komchen Yucatan... is a small town near to Mérida...
was a gift from a friend of mine!!

great Idea for a thread Susie!
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I know where Sephie was born: in the gutter

Gabriel, no idea where, when...
Isis: same as gabe

Orion: outside somewhere..sometime in July/August.
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In general....Raphael was born on the streets and was found at about 3500N/1800W. He was found intact, about 8 months old and with an emormous 15 cm. wound down his right shoulder.

Gracie was born somewhere in Louisiana near New Orleans. She was found in Terrytown, LA before coming to me.

Leo...it's anyone's guess where he came from. He was surrendered by an owner to the SPCA of IL/Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago at about 3 years old.
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my old cat Babykitty was born in my friend Rebeccas grandmothers home and when he was about 8 weeks he was shipped into the garage to live (i got him only a few days after) in the summer of '98

Mikey was born in my friends Rebecca's (my kitty cat breeder) home in the May 2004...he was the last kitty left of his litter..no one wanted him. But i did the second I held him

Stewie was born underneath a deck July 8-10th 2006. he came to me an orphan at about 2 weeks old.
He had a few litter mates and my mother took his sister in. I am not sure what his parents look like but someone was a siamese!
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Lily was born in a wood pile in somebody's backyard.

I don't know where Eve was born. There was some wierdness going on with her surrender so the shelter didn't know for sure if she was a stray or an owner surrender.

My parents have had a string of cats that magically appeared out of nowhere needing a home...
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I never gave any thought to the parentage of my crew. Much was found in a shelter in California. DH's SIL brought her and her brother home to his parents house. He took Much; his parents took the brother.

Lucy was born in our vet's basement when he was just a vet tech. Her mother was a feral he found.

Carly we got when she was three. The rescue group saved her from being euthanized at another shelter. I wish I knew more about her history because she had some sort of injury to her tail and has no ability to move it. We had x-rays done and found that she had also broken her back leg also. It had mended without any treatment. But she is the sweetest most loving cat we have. Someone must have treated her well sometime in her short life.

There are only two times I can see questioning about the parents. 1) is when if you are investing in a purebred cat since the papers and parents are everything or 2) when the cat is coming from a hoarding situation and could be inbred which could lead to multiple problems.
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I know that Katie was born in a small town in Belgium and ended up roaming in the garden of a kind woman who took her in and was unable to locate her mother. With Gracie, Peter and Claire I know the neighborhoods they were born in and even something of their parentage because they were feral kittens trapped along with their mama's who were fixed then released.

It's nice to know something of where they came from, but not really necessary. I'd love them just the same.
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Gordo was born in the laundry room.

Princess & Pitufo were born in my living room.

I have no idea where Tinkerbell was born.
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All my cats except Meir were born on a railway embankment,exactly where on the embankment I don't know because it's inaccessible and a mile down leads onto derelict overgrown open feilds, but I suspect under one of the bridges ,Meir I found as a stray so I've no Idea where he was born.

Oh!!except Phoebe,she was born in a house and then left to fend for herself with her mum and brother in a shed
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The only one we know for sure was Boomer who was the runt of the litter of a neighbour's cat, Scully came from a 'free to a good home' box originally but they have no idea who the people are. Bumper and Magnum were both strays so we have no idea where they are from
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Aristotle was born in Bedford, IN to a white Angora rescued by TCS member Andeshan/Angela. He was the 4th born of 5. Angela recorded the times.
3/14/05 12:50 am pure white kitten no other markings (born breech) (Ari)

Have no idea about Topaz as she came to us as a stray.
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I know nothing of Easy's parentage or when or where she was born. I dont even know if her baby's were inbreeding since she came to me all alone and pregnant. But I do know that Tino, Kiko, Laura, Ducky and Tuffy (RB) were born in my bedroom.
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I know who Lily's parents are 1 feral patched tabby and a stray siamese. She was born here in K.C. Annie Rose was born in Sugar Creek MO and I have met both of her parents. Mom was Seal point Snowshoe and Dad was Blue Point Snowshoe. Kitten was born in Independence MO. Her mom was a feral siamese mix. Whos Dad was a siamese that was allowed to roam and whos mom was a feral black cat. Nazumi's mom was a brown spotted Bengal and dad was some DSH. He was born in Oklahoma.
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