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It's hazardous getting coffee in this town

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This morning I went to my regular coffee hut to get my morning pick-me-up. The owner told me that there was a cat hiding underneath the hut. sigh... He/she had been there several days, they were feeding it cream and tuna but they wanted to know if I could help them capture it because the weather is once again getting frigid.

I went home and grabbed my trap and cat food. I knelt down under the hut and did my kitty call, I received an answer. I slid in some food and it was immediately gobbled up by a sweet face orange kitty, but when I made a move to hissy grab it, it hissed and backed away. So, I set the trap. In five minutes I had liftoff! Unheard of really, but this stray was really hungry.

The couple is going to help me find a home, so now the cat is in my introduction cage, the only place I really have room for him/her. Unable to make contact yet, but the cat has a beautiful orange and white face and I am guessing is about 2 years old.

I wish people would start taking responsibility for cats in this area. So many of them are treated as disposable it really sickens me.

BTW my hubby would make a lousy rescuer. He saw this sweet faced cat and told me to keep him! In his words- "What is one more cat?"

One more cat is plenty when it boils down to quality food, vet care, litter provisions and the balance in the home. I will post photos once the cat is a bit calmer. I am leaving it alone for at least 24 hours to get used to its new temporary home.
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Awww! Sounds like a sweet baby! I'm sure under your care he'll do well. Can't wait to see pictures!

I'd be with your husband too.....
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
BTW my hubby would make a lousy rescuer. He saw this sweet faced cat and told me to keep him! In his words- "What is one more cat?"
I've heard the same words uttered out of my hubby's mouth more than once!!

Once again, you saved another one MA!!
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It warms my heart to know that there are still people out there like you.

I cannot begin to grasp how people can sit back and do nothing when they are highly capable of helping in situations like this. Kudos to you.

Good luck rehoming your new buddy!
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Had contact tonight, it was brief, but I got a hard head bump when I went to touch the new kitty and it purred. Still unsure if it is a boy or girl. it is white and gold and that is about all I saw in the lighting of the enclosure. It is so skinny though, It loves A/D and KMR. I am also giving it GSE and Feline Factor until I can get it to the vet hopefully tomorrow or the next day. I will flea treat it in the morning and maybe know the sex by then.
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Baby knows it got lucky when you came along. Hope everything checks out well, and you find him/her a nice home soon.
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That's a lucky kitty, MA. Bless you for once again getting involved, when most people would just look away.
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Another kitty gets saved by MA
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Thanks for doing the good deed. Wish more people were like you.
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Meet Buzzby

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Hello, Buzzby! How nice to meet you! You're a handsome fella! In case you hadn't figured it out yet, you're also a very lucky fella to have met this human.
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Awwww! Hi Buzzby! What's the matter with your nose, little darling? It looks a little sore. Tell MA all about it, she'll help make things ok for you!!!
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He has an upper respiratory, and no wonder as cold as it has been. I have him on amoxy drops and GSE he should be just fine. Now, he is a perfect love, headbumping me hard when I go into his cage. He is also touch aggressive so I have to be careful and not pet him to much or he will nail me. He is also declawed front paws only. Go figure, someone had him, got him declawed and didn't neuter him! Talk about screwed priorities.
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Buzzby is a handsome guy. He's also very lucky to have met the right human who will take care of him. Hugs to you for saving him.
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Hissy get a lot of hurrays here, rightly so. But we forget the others persons here: The hubby, who although doing the rescuers classical mistake (keeping the savied animal) wanted goodheartedly to keep this seemingly semiferal as own.
And the coffe-huts owners. Who accepted to give the homeless seemingly semiferal some shelter, gave it some food, and did contacted a rescuer.

Thrice hurray for these people too!
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Good on you for helping, and good on the coffee hut owners not to ignore him, and to find someone who could help. Good luck with him.
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Anyone in the Pacific Northwest wanting a "buzzy" orange luvbug?

Mary Anne asked me to post these latest pics of him. What a doll!!

She said he's really making up for the time that he's missed out getting attention, and about bowls them over when they start petting him. He's about 8 months old, and can go to his new home around/after 2/1/07 because he has his neuter appointment. He should be in a home where he can get all the attention he deserves.

She's really hoping to adopt him out by February 1 because another situation has presented itself, where she feels she (and her cat room) will be needed.

"There are currently two kittens that have been horribly abused and I need to make a space for them here. They are at the vets office right now, and will be under observation for 3 weeks (I will spare you the details) but if I can move Buzzy to the right home, I want to do so by the first of Feb. so that I can take these two kittens"
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he's soooo beautiful!!!!! thank you for taking him!!! its so amazing how much strays can change once someone gives them a chance. i would totally take him if i could!!!!!!!!
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Buzzy has now found a home! The lady recently lost her cat after 17 years and her and buzz hit it off quick. He goes to a lovely home in the country, where he will be an inside cat, and if the mood arises, he can torment the border collies when they come indoors. He will not leave here until after his neuter.
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Congratulations all around! Buzzby is a gorgeous cat who now has a home and a future!

Good luck to you, Maryanne, and the two new little ones
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Just found this story MA. Glad it had a happy hopefully the two kittens at the vets office can be helped by you.....poor little things.
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That's great news about Buzzby! He looks like such a sweetie and I'm so glad his story had a happy ending.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and those poor little kittens, MA. Bless you for helping them!
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Thats brilliant that he's found a loving home!! And isn't he handsome!
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Thank God for you MaryAnne! You are an , I wish there were more people like you in the world! (and like the shop owners too, bless them for trying to do the right thing and helping to save this little boy)

The poor little pumpkin! Out there in the cold lonely world....with no claws to defend himself! That is so scary and so dangerous....

Good luck little Buzzby! God bless you and your new Meowmy!
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Wonderful news!!!
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