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Nutrition for feline leukemia cats

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I would like to know what nutrients (that differ from "normal" dry and canned cat food) cats with FeLv need to stay as healthy as possible. Do they have any special nutritional needs? I want to keep my 3 babies (my foster cats) as healthy as possible--I'm hoping this will help them, as I know there's not much else I can do for them (they seem healthy right now--their eyes are clear, their coats are sleek, etc.). I feed all of my cats Purina dry food (they all seem to thrive on Purina products, for some reason--they won't eat the higher-end stuff). They eat 9 Lives canned food. I feed them dry, mixed with a teaspoon or so of canned twice per day; then a very small amount of dry before bedtime. I also always have large bowls of clean, fresh water available at all times. I wash out their bowls between feedings, or use styrofoam ones, which I trash after each feeding (with 9 cats, you can see why I buy these in bulk at a warehouse club!). I also sterilize the (ceramic) water bowls by washing and soaking in boiling water (I change the water at least twice a day; more if I see hair or junk in them).


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L lysine comes up ... I will wait for a few resident experts for this one as I have no first hand experience
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Purina is an *okay* found, but I would try to get them to eat a slightly better quality. I feed my girls, all leukemia positive, Chicken soup for The Cat Lover's Soul, very reasonably priced and a pretty gosh darn good food, no by-products, I've never had a kitty not love it they have a store locator on their website http://www.chickensoupforthepetloverssoul.com/ and i feed my kitties wet food for dinner everyday, 2 share a pouch, I feed the Meow Mix pouches cause they really won't eat anything else, even though I tried, I REALLY tried 9 lives canned is not that good at all

L-lysine is a possibility also, but IMO you can take it or leave it. Some folks recommend a vitamin supplement, they have a couple choices here: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/produc...?N=2002+113617 I personally do not, but have considered it.
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