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My other TUFFY

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Here is a thumb nail picture of my other TUFFY. Just click on it to make it bigger.

Allot of you know about my project from "Tuffy", in crossing the bridge, but if you don't, it is a modified garden tractor for pulling I am in the middle of building. Its coming along nice but I still have much work to do on it yet. The decal that is taped on the side is from a set that Gizmocat had made for me, The original plan was for the decals to go on the big side covers next to the engine, but after looking at it with the decal taped to the front panel and the side of the dash panel [like in the picture] I think it looks better on the dash panel like in the picture.

I got the tractor last summer and pulled it in the stock class a few times. I named it after my little best friend Tuffy, he was still with us when I first got the tractor home but he was pretty sick by then.

Shortly after Tuffy lost his battle with FIP I went to a pull and took a second place so I think Tuffy was helping me from above, also it had been raining all that morning and they almost called off the pull but all of a sudden it stopped raining and we had a great time, maybe Tuffy talked to the big guy up there and got the rain to stop.

The tractor still has to be taken all apart for painting and it will have different front wheels and tires and also a different seat, the seat will be John Deere yellow like the one on it but with a shorter backrest, but the tractor is just as it will look when its done other wise. TUFFY moved on his own power the other day so I am getting close to being done with all the building of stuff. I still have to do all the wiring, build a couple of safety shields, build my throttle and finish the hitch on the back.

Then I get to take it all apart again so I can do all the prep work before the new paint goes on. TUFFY should look awesome when he is done, just like the original Tuffy did.

Here is another angle of TUFFY, just click on the picture to make it bigger.

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That looks great, I hope you have a lot of fun with it.
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Tom, that is really looking great. It is a wonderful tribute to Tuffy.
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Hi Just a little update, tomorrow morning I am going to pick up the brand new back tires and new wheels for TUFFY. It will still look about the same as the picture though. It won't be to long now and I can get started on painting TUFFY.

TUFFY has his new heart {engine} installed and running for a while now, I found a problem with the engine that could have been a big problem, but lucky I found it and fixed it before it turned into a big problem, so I hope TUFFY's new heart will go for a long time now.

I will be glad and sad also when TUFFY is all done because I am having so much fun building it or maybe I should say him instead of it.
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Here are a couple of thumbnail pictures of TUFFY, just click on the picture to make it bigger.

I have the side panels painted and have the TUFFY decals installed that Gizmocat [I hope I have the name right] made for me. I had to cut most of the background off the decals to fit the one on the left side because of the carb intake hole and the exhaust pipe. I hope the pictures are good enough to see the TUFFY decals OK.

TUFFY also has his new back rims and tires on, and his new seat. I still have some painting to do, but this is how TUFFY is going to look. We have a trial day on May 5 so we can bring our tractors and make a couple test pulls and get the tractors looked over by the tech person to make sure it is safe and is legal for whatever class it is in. My plan is to have TUFFY all done and painted so I can go to the test pull and see how he runs.

I am friends with the president of our pulling club and he was so impressed with TUFFY he asked me to be an assistant tech official this year at our spring club meeting we had a few weeks ago, so I have to help check the tractors to make sure they are legal and safe. All tractors have to be checked each year and then you get a sticker showing it passed tech for that year.
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Congrats on being asked to be a tech official! TUFFY is looking great. I don't know much about tractors but I know a nice looking machine and he certainly fits. Love the tribute to Tuffy, too. You are doing good!
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