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Maisie update

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Well, thanks to all of you who sent vibes and prayers for Maisie, because she really is better. Her temperature has been normal for two days, she is eating and drinking and pooping well, and not lying down any more than a normal pony. I have got her covered with a rug, in an old stable, and she has to have her medicines for another five days and stay inside, but I am sure she will be all right now. I am just so relieved.
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I'm so happy and relieved that she is doing so well. She is such and adorable little thing. It had to be heartbreaking to see that sweet little girl feeling so ill.

Horeses of all sizes are my favourite creatures on this eath. It always tears me up inside when a horse is in trouble. Actually it tears me up when all animals are ill, but horses and ponies hold a very special place in my heart.
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Gald to hear the good news! Yay for Maisie!
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the new year is going to be a great one for you Jenny this is just the beginning
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That great news!
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That is the best news ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the closest thing to a LSU tiger that I could find here.
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Yay!! I'm so glad she's doing so well!

All I can say is that while I'm sorry you had to go through this with her, I sure am glad that YOU were there to go through this with her. Who knows what would have happened to her if you hadn't taken her in? Everything happens for a reason, and you have definitely been an angel to this pony.
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WTG Maisie! I am so happy for you Jenny!
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This is wonderful news. More thoughts and prayers for her continuing recovery.
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What a relief for you, Jenny! You've been a true angel to Maisie and both of you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
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This is such a relief reading this. But Jenny, you need a pat on the back, because without you goodness knows what would have happend to little Maisie
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WTG Maisie!!
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Here is a picture of Maisie today. She managed to get her head wet by staying right down the front of the stable, which is secured by a grill. But the rain and wind have been terrific and blew the water in. I am glad she has a blanket to keep her warm. Her mane is tied back to keep it off the swollen vein where she had phlebitis. All is normal today and she is enjoying her food.

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Aw, WTG Maisie
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oh too cute with her pony sized blanket on

So glad to read she is doing well
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It is so nice to see her looking well and happy again
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aww I am pleased she is on the mend, shes looking cute in her blanket
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That is great to hear Jenny.
I had horses and pony's for years and I can relate to how scared you get when they aren't feeling well. They are such big animals that sometimes they just give off the aura that they're always strong, but truth is they are not and need our love and care just as much as any other animal. Obviously your love and care has put Maisie back on her feet.
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That's the best news Jenny! I'm so happy that your sweet girl is recovering so well!
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Glad to hear she is feeling better!
I absolutely adore seeing any/all equines in their cute shaggy winter coats, especially ponies and burros.
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Glad to hear that Maisie is at home and feeling better! What a cutie pie...I hope the baby is well, also! What a great New Year's present!
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Any Maisie updates????
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Awww bless her, look at her
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