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New Pics for Douglas and Deacon

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Hi Everyone,

I had some reqeusts from some of you for some updated pics of the boys, so , we did a photo shoot and of course they are naturals and here they are... Let me know what you think!!

Lady, Douglas and Deacon's Human

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Ooooohh, there are our little guys!! Helene, they look wonderful!!!
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awe what a bunch of cuties
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There's those handsome little guys! I can't believe how they've grown, Helene. They're adorable!
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Oh how precious they are. Wheres pics of Lady? Are they all one big happy family now?
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Growing babies! What handsome little guys they are! They both look so happy and healthy.
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look at big they've grown!!!! they both look like they're really happy with you Helene!! gotta love those pink noses
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They are adorable! I want to kiss their sweet noses!!!
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Your handsome boys, Douglas and Deacon, look so healthy and content.
They are thriving under your loving care.

Your siggy with precious Lady and the boys is so cool.
How is Lady doing with your new additions?
I would love to see pictures of her too Helene.

Thank you for sharing your babies with us...
Now I want to see more.
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Look at those toys! Very cute spoiled kitties!
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What little sweethearts!! They certainly look like they've settled in well. How is Lady with them? Me, too, I'd like pics of her -- we don't want her to feel left out!
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Awwww look at them!. They look like they've settled in brilliantly
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Originally Posted by lady20 View Post
Oh My!!! what a cuties!!!

this pic is my favourite!!! their lovely faces up!!!
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They really look like they've settled in! What cuties!
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