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Pilling my cat

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Hi, My cat was just at the Vet for urinary tract infection. He was kept there for 3 days. They catherized him and flushed him out. I brought him home with some medications. My problem is he is so bad at letting me give him pills (he was a 4 month old feral when I brought him in and has always been a little skittish). If I put them in food he seems able to detect them. He'll eat a little but I'm afraid he's not getting enough of it. I keep following him around with the dish. I tried the treat pockets, he won't touch them. One of the medications is a capsule and must be very bitter, the first time I was able to pop it in his mouth he was foaming from it. I know he needs this medication very badly. Is there anything I can do? I appreciate any help you can give me.
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to TCS!This link might help: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...highlight=Pill
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PJ is a terrible piller, so we get her medication (methimazole, so I don't know if it's bitter) compounded into a fish flavored liquid that we add to her wet food. She's never refused the food with the medication in it!

We have a compounding pharmacy right in town, so it's very easy, and they make pet medication all the time - if you have that type of facility, I'd suggest trying that! Talk to your vet first, though.
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You can also buy empty gel capsules. If you put the pill inside of them, the cat won't taste the pill and won't foam. Also, if you are going to mix the pill in the food instead, try just mixing it with a spoonful of food rather than the whole serving.
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My vet recommended cheeze whiz. Put a couple of lines/dots on a plate with the pill underneath the middle line/dot. It worked for a few days for me and then I had to try another method. I have also had the medication liquified by a pharmacy and then I squirted it in the cat's mouth with a dropper. I never experience the cat wanting the liquid but it was easier to get in their mouth than a pill. Good luck.
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