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Doreen Tovey

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I was just wondering if you guys have read any of the books by Doreen Tovey?

I have just finished her first one 'Cat in the Belfry' (she has written many books) and I loved it!!

Its a wonderful story about a couple who live with their first pedigree cat (a
Siamese) and how she turned their lives upside down, inside out and generally
took over – the book is short but for anyone who has adopted a cat (especially a Siamese) will be laughing at how this kitty takes over their lives. They have just been reprinted by Amazon and they are a series of four books. I was reading it on the train and just laughing out loud every so often, people though I was nuts!

She is also the president of the Siamese Club in the UK.

Here is the link:
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I have heard of the author, i think there may have been something about her once on the Siamese Planet website or one of the forums. The books sound fantastic! How many pages are the books, are they quite short?
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They are quite short and four books in the Siamese cat series! She has a lot of other books about other animals but I think they are out of print.
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