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sad loss of choppsie

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I just wanted to let you know that we lost Choppsie last night. He was about 16 years old, last night, without warning, he collapsed and passed away on the lounge floor.

He will be sorely missed by all the family, but we are glad that he was lucky enough to lead a long and healthy life.

This has come as a bit of a blow for me as my girlfriend lost her cat last week also (see "sad loss of breezer").
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I'm very sorry for your loss
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Oh, how terrible for you both.

Rest in peace Choppsie. Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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I am so very sorry. May your Choppsie Rest in Peace. May you find some comfort during this time of the wonderful memories your shared with Choppsie.
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Rest in Peace Choppsie

You are missed.
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Sad, unhappy headbuts and tearful, sorry licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Oh I am sorry, things are certainly tough for you and your girlfriend at the moment
No words can take the pain away.............but Choppsie lived a long, loving and memorable life and was obviously loved by you all, in time the memories will make you smile again.

RIP Choppsie, run and find Breezer, you both have a new fur-family now
the love from below will make you smile forever
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Choppsie had a long life in your home full of love and affection. He is over the Rainbow Bridge now playing with all of kitties who passed before him. He will live forever in your heart and in your happy memories and you will be with him again someday. Rest in peace, Choppsie.

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I am so very sorry about your loss, it sounds like he had a long life with you though. RIP little one.
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Condolences to you both on losing both Breezer and Choppsie. Sounds like Choppsie died with his boots on, without lingering painful illness - which is a blessing. He has gone on to join Breezer to play happily, healthy over RB. I hope that your memories of your precious kitties bring your girlfriend and you comfort during these sorrowful days. Susan
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Have fun over at Rainbow Bridge Choppsie, and know that you were loved

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Rest In Peace, sweet kitty!
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Rest well at the bridge Choppsie - go find Breezer and play together

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Rest peacefully, sweet Choppsie! I'm so sorry for your loss!
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I'm very sorry for your loss.

Play happily over the Bridge Choppsie
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