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Big *HUGS* to Anne

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I just have to start a thread so we can all tell Anne how much we appreciate this wonderful site she has created for us.
When I first came onboard, there was almost noone here...and I have watched it grow and take shape into something even more than a place for cat lovers to exchange their thoughts, questions and ideas, into ALSO a place where people really care about each other, and real friendships have been made.
Thanks to Anne!!!!!!

I hope you never shut this site down, Anne...that happened with another forum that you and I were both members of...and it was heartbreaking. But not nearly as heartbreaking as the loss of this site would be.

If you ever need more help, or some financial support with this site....please ask! We may not have alot ( I know I don't) but I would be willing to spare what I could to keep this site going for years!!!!!

I guess I am a bit paranoid after FD shutting down....I just don't ever want to lose this place!

I hope your new website designing business really takes off for you, and helps you out!

Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate everything you have done for us here...I know others will agree, and want to say a big....THANK YOU
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I love the feeling here, and even if we get off the beaten track, it all still stays focused. No one has been slammed, lots of people have been helped and friendships have formed. I don't have much money either, but would be willing to send you a little bit every month if it would help.
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Debby - i was thinking of making a thread *exactly* like this one earlier today, i thought to myself,
i'll do that when i get home later, and lo and behold!

Anne - thank you for your wonderful site & forums, they have
become an amazing gift to me over these past couple months,
and i appreciate you and everything you've done here. you
are such a great person, and i feel blessed to have met you
and everyone else here.

thank you
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I would also like to thank Anne. It started out as a place to help animals and ended up helping the humans attached to them as well. It is so nice to talk with people who have the same feelings about cats. Also, it provides so much help to others who are new to the feline world. I would do whatever I could to help the site stay around.
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Even though I've only know about this site for 2 months, I don't know what I would do without it! I feel the same way everyone else does, if there is anything we can do to help....
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Thank you Anne,

I have really found a place that I can tell
my silly little cat stories too and everyone
You are such an inspiration and
am so happy to have met somebody like you and all
of the great people;

Thank you and if you ever need help with the site
please don't hesitate to ask. I would be

Thank you
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Ditto to what everyone said before me. I envision this site continuing for years to come, and someday we all meet face to face at a big catsite convention!

Everybody here are the most caring and genuine people. You can't tell me that the fact that we all own cats doesn't have something to do with it. Can't be a coincidence!
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I think that cat lovers have bigger hearts and more room in them, than regular folks.
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I'm late getting on tonite, but let me also say thanks to Anne and all the new friends I have met here. I, too, would be honored to help in any way to keep this site alive. It means the world to me to have this site to check on everyday. It's sort of like a reassurance that someone out there will be happy to hear from me; no matter what time of day or what I have to say.
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What a thread to find first thing on the morning! I'm lost for words here...

Thank you everyone for your kind words! This site means a lot to me too and I really feel I owe it all to you. All I did was set up the forums, it's you who filled them with such wonderful things!

Thank you all for your offers to help - I'm very touched! I think the best way to help this site is just let as many people as you know about it. I can't afford paid ads right now, so I'm relying on the old word-of-mouth promotion (as well as working on my search engines placing).

So, please just let all your cat loving friends know about this site. Maybe put up a note in your vet's office or your local petshop. Every person counts and I hope that this will also mean more help for the cats. The thing I'm most proud of is the number of cats we've managed to save from declawing, or being put into a shelter because of behavioral problems and the action taken in rescue and cat abuse campaign. Even if I never make a dime doing this, I will always consider this as volunteering for cats.

Another thing, is those of you with sites hosted with their own domain name who think they can place a link to the site please let me know. I keep track of these and feed them to the search engines. It should help this site's position.

And if you know anyone who's looking for a website, could you please refer them to http://www.hogsmead.com?

Thank you all so much! I love you people I really do !!! Hugs back to all of you!
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This is a wonderful web-site! I'd be willing to kick in a modest subscription fee should such a thing become necessary. But I'll not borrow trouble and dwell upon this subject!

Rather, I'd just like Anne to know how much I appreciate her work for us!

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Anne, thank you from the bottom of my purring heart. I am so glad to have found so many (cat obsessed nuts. lol) great people who have repeatedly opened their hearts and minds and have shared a bit of themselves and their furry felines here. I feel fortunate and blessed to be a very proud member here.

So, from Socrates, Tiger and myself (You do, of course realize that ALL of you are my babies Aunts and Uncles now don't you?) I extend my deepest thanks and purrrrrs!
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Dearest Anne,

I learned of this site because of a newsletter from you...When I first posted to this site, I had no idea in a matter of moments...not even 10 seconds...I had "MAIL"!!

You all had pulled me out of lowest lows I had been in for so long. For those who were not here; Anne and the members here kept me sane through the last days of my baby's life. I shared 18 years with him. This site has been such a Godsend to me...this may sound corny, but I have learned so much about myself including others being a member here. We seem to protect one another through life's callousness, we share our happiness and belly laughs too! I don't know of another place I could to be received so unconditionally...unless I went to Heaven...see...I told you it's been a Godsend!
I feel that our thanks can't be expressed enough...Anne, you are indeed the angel...just ask Dovik. I too, feel the same as the others regarding funds to help you stay afloat.

People hear
Friends listen
Good Friends hear what you don't say...

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Hear Hear, I have been here for about 2-3 days and me and neka already love it here

P.S. If anne wants to know how I found this place it was in your sig at WHT
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