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How do I stop chewing????

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That darn Stumpy is chewing and it's driving us NUTS! I'm sure it's her doing it all...

Tonight we've lost TWO laptop chargers because she's decided to chew right through them! And one was while DH was in the middle of important work and he is PEEVED. The chargers run at about $70 each so they're pretty expensive to replace just because Stumpy gets bored!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I need some suggestions! I've tried double sided tape but she thinks it's fun to play with.
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How about Bitter Apple spray? Some things I've just plain had to hide where the girls cant get to it....like the Christmas tree....
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
Perfect, thanks!!!!!!!!
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A similar product is Critter Cord http://www.crittercord.com, I have purchased MILES of this stuff.

It also has a lemony scent to it, so if they put their little mouths on it, it will taste bad as well as having the physical barrier from chewing at the wires. The scent is strong at first, but once you get it out of the box and put it on your electronics, etc. it doesn't smell.
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You will have to spray on (be careful NOT to spray directly into the sockets) Bitter Apple spray.

Before Charlie came home, I put a dose of it on the wires in the library where he's staying. But the breeder must have broke that habit with the kittens before they left - Charlie will be 4 months old in a few days.

I know I trained my rex kittens before they left - a few bites with Bitter Apple and they would not touch ANY cords - computer or otherwise
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