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Scared-pink stuff came out of her nose!

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I feel stupid posting so much...but tonight when I gave Damita her meds they came out of her nose! Now, she has red, raw, sore ears from what I suspect is an allergy to her ringworm meds(conofite cream). The vet & I are trying to find one we haven't tried that won't make her ill/sore. Now this. I've never seen her meds come out of her nose before, it was just a little dribble. The only reason I looked so close is I thought she was wheezing again...she's one the meds for a URI. It is possible they've been doing this all along & I never noticed! I'm scared. My tummy hurts, my hands are shaking, & I can't stop crying. Damita's been through so much...she's only 6 years old!

I am calling the vets at 8 am. Pleaase pray that I just gave her Amoxi drops wrong & they came out her nose for no reason, that she doesn't have (another) medical condition.

I cannot thank you guys enough for being here. I feel better knowing that you will be praying for her.
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I'm so sorry your kitty is having issues with her health. It is such a horrible and helpless feeling to see them having problems. I'm praying that her health improves and that the nose issue is nothing. I by no means am an expert and I'm glad you are calling the vet first thing, but maybe it is just one of those things that happens like when you give kids meds and even sometimes adults. My youngest has had meds come through his nose. Along with pop, juice, etc. I hope that you are feeling better and aren't fretting to much.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I feel stupid posting so much
NONSENSE!!! After all the compassionatle responses that I have seen you post, I would be HURT if you chose not to share such an alarm with us Poor Damita- such challenges. I agree that she probably tried to hack the medicine out; JC did that before and snorted it out his nose. He had to be switched to tablets - giving JC medicine is risky business
I am glad that you are consulting the vet, tho, to be safe - only a vet can give you reliable advice in this situation.
Sending {{{{healing and patience prayers and vibes}}}} to Damita, and {{{{calming prayers and vibes}}}} for you. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted - whatever you find out about Damita will be useful information for someone else here
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I'm sure everything is fine Natalies like the others said, stuff comes out our nose sometimes, so why not cats? Poor little Damita, i wish she's get all better!!
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That is one of the things this site is for. Do not feel bad about posting. While we are not vets, we can offer advice if our pets have had a similar condition.

You might want to try another vet for a second opinion if the first one has no new answers for you.

I hope your cat's new problem is not a serious one.
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Natalie, I'm sure she just coughed up her meds, and some came out through her nose - that happens. I hope you manage to find the proper ringworm meds for her, poor baby.
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The vet said that same thing you guys did, it was probably normal. He wanted to do a quick check over, though. It was really quick as he was booked solid with surgeries today. He said there is something definately chronically wrong with her. Wants to run bloodwork & do a through exam after she done with her antibiotics. The vet tech that was there today said they were still looking into the ringworm meds, that she didn't think any of them would work for Damita, but then again she's a walking idiot stick.

Her nose is still very wet & runny. She has a wheeze, too. She's always had those, but the vet thinks that we need to finish the antibiotics. Those should clear it all up.
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You poor cat lover. YOU need to sit down and take a chill pill. OK, have you tried Lamisil for the ringworm? If she is allegic to the other stuff, why not try that? I am so sorry.....it is hard to give someone a hug long distance, but here it comes.....ready or not...... Besides, without people like you who love to post, where would we all be?????

Come on, stop beating yourself up. WE LOVE YOU.
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Calm down by laughing at that 'walking idiot stick'. I love the expression.
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I hope Damita is doing ok. The medicine probably just tasted bad and she was trying to spit it up or something, but I'm glad the vet is going to check her over and do some tests. Hope she gets better soon!
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I haven't tried Lamisil yet. I wanted to ask the vet before starting anything else & he won't be in until Monday. She is definately reacting to the Conofite. I've been putting it on one ear & that's the ear that's all red. I might pick up some Lamisil & stop in to ask a vet tech if she thinks it's worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion!
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