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Anyone know ?????

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Does anyone know of any organizations that help with emergency vet bills? Think my cat may need surgey and I have no idea where I am gonna get the money. Please let me know.
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www.carecredit.com note this is a credit card that only certain vets take so make sure to look up one in your area...
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Also, here's some info from HSUS on what to do if you can't afford vet bills.
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I did a benefit for my kitty Moon-Pie's surgery costs when I was a poor working college student. I printed invitations with her picture on the front, and cooked for three days delicious appetizers and desserts. Friends and co-workers came and donated what they could (to a designated friend), and we raised the money! Everyone had a great time, with good company, good food, and a good cause. I made and sent out a little booklet that contained all the recipes as a thank you.

I'm sending some good thoughts for you and your kitty.

Cheers, from
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